The Right Lift Rental for Your Holiday Decorations

You’ve got holiday decorations; we’ve got a safe way to get up there! An overview of what to look for in a lift rental for the holidays

Holiday decorations are a big deal for many people, and not just for family homes. Families, buildings, and brands all decorate for the holidays. It gets everyone into the spirit of the season, whether you like to get started with Halloween, Thanksgiving, or the central winter festival of holidays. For some, decorations are a truly big deal. We like to go all-out with front-yard environments and rooftop scenery.

Of course, not all rooftops are easily accessible. Second stories make a tall ladder necessary to anchor your decorations or even to string simple lights and garlands. With more elaborate decorations and even taller roofs, a ladder may not be enough. This is when dedicated decorators turn to lift rental.

A rented lift can be small, mobile, and strong enough to lift any decoration safe to mount on a rooftop. Lift rental is a smart choice for businesses decorating for the holidays, apartment complexes and condos, and homeowners who like to go all-out when the holiday season rolls around. Today, we’re here to talk in-detail about how to choose the right rental lift for your decoration project.

Rough Terrain Base

Lifts often come in two types of vehicular base – the first is a stable/solid surface base. These lift bases have smaller, hard wheels that are built tightly into the base design. They roll very well on concrete paths and interior floors, but are not built for adventure in terms of angle or obstacles.

A rough terrain base has larger and softer wheels and more flexible design for where your lift can be placed. When working your way around the outside of a building, rough terrain is preferable. This gives you the ability to leave the paved path, avoid flower beds, and to raise yourself to a safe decorating position all the way around the roof.

Only choose a stable surface base if you are decorating a tall indoor space, like a lobby or ballroom.

The Right Type of Lift

Next, you need to decide the type of lift that will best serve your needs. Each lift types moves a little differently, so the terrain around your building and the design of your roof will dictate the perfect type of lift to rent.

Scissor Lifts

A scissor lift is a platform that goes straight up and down. It’s extremely stable and reliable, and good for heavier weights. If you want to bring a workspace up with you, scissor lifts are also a good place to start. However, scissor lifts will only work if you have relatively flat clear access all the way around the house.

If you have a circular path or a flat yard around the house, a scissor lift can be useful. if you have an overhanging porch roof, garden beds, or otherwise obstructed home perimeter, a scissor list may be difficult to position.

Boom Lifts

A boom lift can be telescopic or articulating. Both are parked at a small distance from the ultimate goal, then lift and lean outward to get your platform where you need to be. Boom lifts have great reach and they are the ideal solution if your decoration points are complicated to reach. You can often decorate an entire section of a building’s roof with one parked position of the boom lift design.

If your home has a complex roof or obstructive flower beds, a boom lift may be the right answer because you can reach out and over to your points of decoration.

Vertical Mast Lifts

A vertical mast lift is a lot like an automatic ladder. If you want something small that fits into specific compact lift spaces, a vertical mast lift can be a very efficient choice. Like the scissor lift, it will need to be placed directly under where you want to access, but is very simple and safe in reaching that destination.

The Height of Your Building

Consider the reach you need when decorating your home or facility. The number of stories will also control the height you need from your lift. Remember that with boom lifts, some of that height will be taken up with diagonal reach. With scissor and mast lifts, the entire height will be dedicated due upward for your plans.

Rent Early to be Ready in Time

Lastly, be sure to book your lift rental early enough to finish your decorations on time. The earlier you reserve, the more we can ensure that the lift you need is available in time for holiday cheer. If you’re not sure the right lift to rent, consult our friendly rental team, and we’ll gladly help you assess your property and project then advise the best lift for the job. Contact us today to learn more!