Lighting for Night Shift Construction: Planning Light for Late-Night Commercial Building Renovations

Let’s face it: night shifts can be difficult. Working in the dark and sometimes at lower light levels makes it tough to perform your work efficiently. However, lighting technology innovation has made it easier to work at night with construction lighting for night shift construction.

Lighting is crucial when it comes to any renovation or demolition project. Contractors need to know the best way to light up a building in order to complete the job safely. The following construction lighting guide will provide all the information you need for your job site lighting:

What are the differences in lighting during the night shift?

There are numerous variables that influence the lighting needs of a night shift construction site. There are also some general lighting guidelines to follow when planning out how your work areas will be lit. The differences in lighting needs are that these areas need to be well-lit for safety and often require special lighting to meet OSHA requirements, which include:

  • Bright lighting above 6000 lux to increase alertness
  • Minimum lumens per square foot of workspace
  • Adequate lighting for equipment to prevent accidents
  • Adequate hazard signalization and emergency lighting where applicable

The special requirements for night shift construction ensure the safety of a job site and improve the productivity of crews working during these hours.

How to plan night shift lighting

The type of construction work you do can have an effect on the way you plan the lighting for a project. Companies that tend to hire people for night shifts are usually more interested in getting projects completed on time and on budget. Knowing which type of night shift lighting is best for your industry can help give your business a competitive advantage. Considerations when planning your night shift lighting include:

  • Floor space or surface area requiring lighting
  • Back up emergency lights
  • Mounting for work light installations
  • Assess where extra light might be needed

Well-planned lighting will ensure your job site meets OSHA requirements for safety and helps improve the productivity of projects when you have a tight schedule to keep.

Safety on Night Shift Construction

Safety is a major concern for late-night construction projects. Part of the safety is lighting, but there are other things that need to be done to ensure the job site is safe and has everything it needs. Some of the safety factors to consider when renting lighting for night shift projects include:

  • Personal lighting for workers
  • Hazard and signal lights for roadways
  • Lighting towers that evenly distribute light

Construction companies have different needs when it comes to light. If you’re a night shift worker, it’s your responsibility to ensure that your building is up to date with emergency lighting and security lighting. The emergency and safety lighting solutions are areas that you don’t want to overlook when planning the lighting for your next project.

Special Lighting Circumstances

When planning the lighting for a late-night project, there are also special considerations that you want to take into account. These considerations can include power solutions for lights and options to mount appropriate lighting on equipment where needed. Your job site might require emergency lighting and backup solutions to ensure your workers are never in the dark on a job site. Often, for projects like roadwork, special considerations need to be accounted for when planning night lighting.

In Conclusion

It is crucial to install lights on a construction site for workers who are working at night. You need the right equipment and solutions to keep your projects on schedule. Contact Vandalia Rental to get the lighting for the night shift project you are planning.