Can I Rent Equipment for a Long Project?

There are many situations where equipment rental is more practical than buying new or used equipment. From one-time projects to a business launch resource, equipment rental makes it possible to use the best equipment for the job without investing the full cost of the hand-tools, rolling equipment, and vehicular equipment necessary. Buying what you need might cost tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Equipment rental, on the other hand, brings your project cost down significantly, even for a long project.

But how long can you rent equipment? How long is a practical short-term period for equipment rental both for the leasing company and your business? That is what we are here to explore today.

Standard Equipment Rental Period Units

  • 1 Day = 24 Hours
  • 1 Week = 7 Calendar Days
  • 1 Month = 28 Calendar Days

It is possible to rent equipment in a number of different time-frames. Many projects are weekend projects or otherwise only take a few days to complete. In this case, equipment can be rented by the day. However, projects often take much longer than that. Weekly equipment rental allows for larger projects or for a homeowner to put in multiple weekends plus weekday off-time on a long project.

If your project will take longer than a month, it is still understandable to rent instead of buy, especially for larger equipment and gear you may never use again. In this case, you can rent equipment by the month, provided that it is available and you reserve early.

Short-Term Project Lengths

Equipment rental is ideal for short-term projects that last anywhere from a few days to even a few months. Home renovations, for example, are often done at a steal with rented equipment. DIY renovators, in particular, benefit from the ability to rent unique equipment for custom jobs. Even those with a well-stocked workshop can rent any equipment they only need for one project.

Short-term projects tend to be scheduled in one block of time, or sometimes spaced out over the lessee’s availability. You can rent equipment when it’s available for your project or schedule early to book time before other lessees.

Calculating for a Long Project

If your project will take longer than a month, you will need to plan more carefully but it is still possible to rent the equipment for the time you need. The best approach is to schedule your equipment rental well in advance to book the time before smaller time slots can be booked in the window that you require. In this way, you can book equipment for multiple months while the rental team has plenty of time to plan for future availability during that time.

Leasing as Businesses Logistics

The final type of equipment rental tends to be much more long-term, sometimes even years for larger equipment. A business can gain a lot of traction by renting certain equipment instead of investing. If you need the liquid revenue, if you are working on a small startup budget, or if you are saving to buy the exact equipment models you want, renting is a great logistic bridge for any business.

In these situations, consult with your equipment rental service. Plan together for the equipment you need along with the dates and duration you need it. A good leasing company can make it happen and may even source greater inventory as a result. In this way, you can rent equipment for months to years with the partnership of your leasing team.

How lengthy is your long project? If you schedule early and make a plan, we can help you rent the necessary equipment. Whether you have a DIY-style, long project or a lean business model, equipment rental can match your project needs. Contact us today to book the equipment best suited to your project.