General Information

Who do you rent equipment to?

We regularly rent equipment to a variety of customers, ranging from large general contractors to individual homeowners.

How do I reserve equipment?

Equipment can either be through our online reservation request via our website, by giving us a phone call or stopping by in person.

Is there a fee to reserve equipment?

All reservations are free; however, to allow us to serve the greatest number of customers, we kindly ask you cancel your reservation as soon as you become aware you’ll no longer need it.

What kind of identification do I need to reserve equipment?

All renters must be at least 18 years of age with two forms of identification. A valid driver’s license is required as a primary form of identification on all rentals. We accept a variety of secondary forms, such as bank & credit cards, social security cards, passports, etc. If you have any questions concerning your identification, we recommend contacting us prior to arranging local pickup.

What is a certificate of insurance and when do I need it?

A certificate of insurance is required prior to the onset of renting equipment, for most items, when the equipment in question has a replacement value in excess of $50,000.00. You will be notified when placing your reservation if a certificate of insurance is required.

How do I get a certificate of insurance and what does it look like?

Your homeowners or business insurance agent should be used to supplying certificates of insurance on a regular basis and should be the person you contact for more information.

What happens if the equipment malfunctions?

While we strive to provide the best equipment possible, it is in fact equipment and occasionally malfunctions. In the event of an equipment malfunction, we ask that you immediately discontinue the use of it and return it to our facility for replacement and/or repair.

What happens if I accidentally damage a piece of rental equipment?

Accidents happen, and, to avoid costly repairs, we strongly suggest purchasing Rent Gard protection at the onset of your rental period. Without Rent Gard, each customer is responsible for the full cost to repair all damages incurred, regardless of fault.

What is Rent Gard?

Rent Gard is a damage waiver that protects the renter against accidental damages incurred while using a piece of rental equipment within the equipment’s normal operating use. By purchasing Rent Gard at the onset of your rental agreement, customers are protected against the initial $5,000 of all repair fees assessed to return equipment to its previous working condition. For additional details concerning Rent Gard, please review our formal Rent Gard policy as printed on your rental contract upon equipment pickup or contact one of our customer service representatives.

When do you sell your used equipment?

All of our current rental items may be purchased. However, if a piece of equipment is initially rented rather than purchased, additional rental fees will apply in addition to the purchase price. If you cannot find the used equipment item(s) you are looking for actively listed, contact one of our customer service representatives for a written quote.


Charges/Rental Rates

Are deposits required?

All rentals will require a deposit be paid in advance at the rental contract initiation (not when equipment is reserved) and will be applied towards the final rental price when all rented equipment is returned in the same condition it was received, minus normal wear.

How much is the required deposit?

Deposits vary depending on the equipment and time needed, but generally, we require the rental amount paid in advance, plus a minimum of one additional day’s rent, and any additional charges such as delivery, pickup, fuel, merchandise, etc.

What forms of deposits do you accept?

Deposits in the form of bank card or credit card.

When does my rental period start?

All rental periods begin when rented equipment is received by the customer.

What is considered a rental period?

Our standard rental periods are as follows:

1 Day = 24 hours
1 Week = 7 calendar days
1 Month = 28 calendar days

We charge for all time out, regardless of whether the equipment was used or not, including Saturday, Sunday and Holidays.

Do you have any special rates?

Yes, we have special rates available for most rental items:

We have weekend rates:

Out Friday after 1:00 pm and returned Monday by 8:00 am; only charge for 1 day

Additionally, we may run special holiday rates. Please contact our team for more information.

Are there any additional charges?

You may be charged for additional hours on items that have an hour meter. We use the general industry practice basing rates on one 8 hour shift, 40 hours per week. Overtime for double or triple shifts will be charged accordingly.

If you choose to use our delivery and pick up services, there is an additional charge.

All equipment is delivered to you with full fuel tanks. You will be charged for fuel if the equipment is not returned with a full tank. The customer is responsible for ALL fuel and proper fuel.

All equipment will be charged an Environmental and Emissions Fee for each rental.


Sales Items

Can I return a purchase?

All returns after 30 days are subject to a minimum of 20% restocking fee; returns after 90 days will not be accepted. Some items, such as used equipment, non-stocking, special order, discontinued, and clearance items may not be returned for a refund. All returns must be unused and in their original packaging to be eligible for return. Refunds can only be issued in the same manor in which the purchase was originally made. For complete details concerning Vandalia Rental’s return policy, ask your sales associate.