5 Common Equipment Rental Questions Answered

Equipment rental is something that few people understand right off the bat. Whether you’re a business or an individual, there’s no need to fully understand equipment rental until you need to rent some equipment. When that time comes, it’s only natural to have a few questions at the top of your mind that need answering. Fortunately, the helpful team here at Vandalia Rental is here to answer all your equipment rental concerns.

Today, we’re highlighting 5 of our most frequently asked questions along with answers that will hopefully guide you toward planning your next project with rental equipment.

1) Can I Rent Equipment if I’m Not a Business?

Short Answer: Yes.

Most people assume that equipment rental is a B2B (business to business) engagement, but that’s not necessarily true. Equipment rental is for anyone who needs equipment and would find more benefit in renting than buying. This might be a small business, a construction team with a one-time project, or a homeowner planning on making renovations. You can rent equipment for yourself, for your organization or church, or on behalf of your business. Anyone can rent equipment for an upcoming project, whether you are a business, group, or private person.

2) What If the Equipment is Damaged During the Project?

Short Answer: Have Rent-Gard or Pay for Damages.

It’s a simple matter of fact that sometimes equipment gets damaged on the job. Maybe there’s a malfunction, a small accident, or just a long scratch in the paint. That’s okay, as long as you’re prepared to deal with the situation. We highly advise that each equipment rental customer get Rent-Gard, a service that protects you from the cost of damage repairs.

Without Rent-Gard, the answer to this question is that damage is paid for out-of-pocket to cover the repairs.

3) What If the Equipment Malfunctions During the Project?

Short Answer: We’ll Fix It.

Malfunctions, on the other hand, are entirely on us. If your equipment stops working properly during your project, the rental company will take care of you. Stop using the malfunctioning equipment immediately and call the rental office. Return the equipment or wait for it to be picked up. You should be furnished with a replacement or an extension of your rental contract if you must wait on repairs. Equipment, like any machinery, will malfunction from time to time. But we’ll make sure that doesn’t hurt your project or your bottom line.

4) Can I Rent Equipment With a Credit Card?

Short Answer: Yes.

Renting and leasing are often complicated exchanges because, at least in the housing market, you must use ready cash. You pay your security deposit and rent from a bank account, so do you need to do the same with equipment rental? Fortunately, no. If you want to charge your entire rental on a credit card as part of your personal or business financial management, go right ahead. We will happily accept credit cards when you finalize your contract and for any expenses accrued during the project. This tends to make things easier for businesses with company credit cards and for homeowners who are balancing their finances for a large home improvement project.

5) Can I Buy Equipment That I Rented From You?

Short Answer: Yes.

Finally, can you buy rented equipment? Yes. Everything we have for rent is also for sale. If you’ve rented an item and then want to buy it, these will be two separate expenses. Look around for any equipment you’d like to purchase. If you don’t find it listed initially, get in touch with our staff, and they will create a written quote for the purchase you plan to make.

Vandalia Rental is dedicated to providing superb equipment rental services. Whether you are a business, a homeowner, or a community organization, we welcome you to take your pick of the equipment you need or ask our associates for help selecting the right equipment for your project. We are always happy to help and are here to answer any of your questions. Contact us today for more equipment rental insights or to begin consulting on the needs of your project.