Essential Plumbing Equipment That All Plumbers Require

The current demanding economic environment has forced many plumbers and plumbing companies to change their ways of doing business. For example, by ensuring that they cut costs and boost their productivity. This has been through renting essential plumbing equipment, which is certainly cheaper than purchasing their own tools.

Plumbing equipment is generally categorized into two categories:

  1. Miscellaneous Plumbing Equipment – These are especially useful tools that enable a plumber to do their work. For example, Pipe Benders, Threading Machines, Pipe Thawer, and a pipe & cable locator.
  2. Sewer EquipmentSewer equipment are underground-oriented tools that help a plumber run their business; an example is a Sewer Camera W/ Monitor.

Below Are Some Essential Plumbing Equipment That a Plumber Should Consider Renting in The Course of Their Duty.

1.   Pipe Bender.

A pipe bender bends metal piping to form various angles and curves. This tool shapes a variety of pipes to make them suitable for a wide range of applications and fitting locations. Pipe benders fit various sizes, designed for specific dimensions and materials.

2.   Threading Machine.

A pipe threading machine is considered to be a plumber’s best friend because it enables plumbers to thread hollow pieces of pipe. Pipe threading machines offer excellent solutions that maintain uniformity when threading pipes. They are a perfect choice for plumbers in need of durability, especially with consistently reliable results. A threading machine is essential for both repair jobs and plumbing installation.

3.   Locator – Pipe and Cable.

A pipe and cable locator is a device that is designed to detect buried water lines and cables. This essential plumbing equipment has two parts: one acts as a transmitter, and the other acts as a receiver. A transmitter induces a signal to a pipe. The wand locates the signal the line produces.

4.   Pipe Thawer.

A pipe thawer safely thaws pipes in minutes, especially without them bursting. This even saves tearing up floors and walls around the frozen pipes. The Hot-Shot melts a thin film of ice in the inner side of the pipe. In turn, this ends up melting the entire ice inside the pipe. A pipe thawer attaches to frozen piping, and plugged into a 115-volt electrical receptacle. This enables water to flow in a span of few minutes.

5.    Sewer Camera W/Monitor.

A sewer Camera Monitor is a tool that aids in the inspection of sewer drain lines. This equipment enables one to detect any sewer lines and drains leakages. In case of a bad gas odor, slow water drainage, or an overflowing toilet, a plumber would then have t to perform a sewer camera inspection to understand the problem.

Why Rent Your Plumbing Equipment?

Contractors are advised to consider renting their plumbing equipment because not only is it considered to be cost-effective, but the nature of plumbing projects differs from project to project, and they never know what the next project will look like. In the case where plumbers own the machinery, it is hard to tell whether it will help carry out the next project or not. It is, therefore, important to accomplish a project using the latest technology without making a big investment.

All contractors and construction businesses require a reputable rental company for their essential plumbing equipment needs. At Vandalia Rental, we offer quality plumbing equipment and service to our customers, who range from small businesses to large entities. Contact us today for more information about our essential plumbing equipment.