How the Genie Fall Arrest Bar Enhances Safety at Platform Height

At Vandalia Rental, we view safety as paramount above all else. While working at extreme heights when performing airplane maintenance or servicing amusement rides, employees need accessibility and movement while remaining safe.

After speaking with a large amusement park customer, Genie developed the Genie Fall Arrest Bar, a system which allows technicians to work around the outside of boom platforms. By eliminating the need to continuously attach and detach their lanyard, this accessory enhances safety for operators exiting the platform at height.

According to their website, “The Genie Fall Arrest Bar consists of a smooth, sliding, horizontal track design that allows the operator to tie off and move freely outside of the platform using a single 6-ft shock-absorbing lanyard. The enclosed track, made from high strength steel, protects the trolley from weather and debris. The yellow, identifiable bar attaches quickly and easily, within 15 minutes, for fast setup and removal.”

Additionally, Genie developed a guidance and approval document, outlining the steps required to exit an elevated platform, which may be requested on their website.

How does the Genie Fall Arrest Bar Offer Added Protection?

With the fall protection standards from OSHA and other regulatory agencies, the requirements can prove to be more restrictive than productive.

When situations that require an operator to exit the elevated boom platform to complete their work, personal fall protection may force operators to compromise quality work for safety or vice versa. Utilizing the Genie Fall Arrest Bar as a fall arrest anchor allows operators to exit safely at platform height and perform the job functions.

Genie’s six and eight-foot boom platforms are equipped with eight approved lanyard attachment points, allowing the operator to work around the outside the platform, access work area and remain within safety standards.

Additionally, the Fall Arrest Bar is compliant with ANSI A92.5-2006 and CSA B354.4-02 standards for self-propelled booms. The accessory can quickly attach to six- or eight-foot platforms on all 40-foot Genie telescopic booms and higher, as well as 45-foot Genie articulating booms and higher, with the exception of the S-125HD.

If you are interested in learning more about this part or ordering the Genie Fall Arrest Bar, contact us today.