Why Schedule Ahead of Time Instead of Last-Minute?

Projects that require equipment rental tend to be fairly big efforts. Whether you’re working alone or with a group, if you need to rent equipment to finish the job then chances are that the job goes above and beyond a few cabinet repairs. This usually gives you plenty of time to plan your project and schedule the equipment rentals well ahead of time.

When you reserve equipment for rental, the rental place actually gets it ready for you and ensures no one else can rent the equipment you need during that project window. They assemble or service equipment, clean it, fuel it up, and can even deliver it. It’s a remarkably smooth and convenient system. But when you rent equipment at the last-minute, that convenience cannot be guaranteed.

Let’s look closer at the ways that last-minute equipment rental can go wrong.

1) Your Equipment Might Not Be Available

The single most likely and devastating option is that the equipment you need isn’t available. Someone who booked ahead of time is already using the piece or collection of equipment that your project needs. The equipment might already be checked out and in use; or it might be on reserve and therefore unavailable for the several last-minute days you’re asking for.

2) Equipment is Available but Not Ready

Another possibility is that the equipment you need is on-site and unclaimed, but it’s not ready to go. Many larger and vehicular-mounted equipment types are disassembled between uses if there are no reservations for a few months. This can reduce the maintenance and upkeep costs of the rental facility. Equipment also needs to be fully serviced between one customer and the next, which can slow down the turn-around.

It’s possible that your equipment might have been made available on-time if you scheduled in advance. But a last-minute request may be subject to long setup times for rarely used equipment.

3) You Might Rent the Wrong Equipment in a Hurry

When you have months, or at least weeks, to plan your projects; part of that is researching the tools you will need ahead of time. Trying to rent tools at the last minute can lead to some unfortunate mix-ups. Any misunderstanding and any miscommunication could lead to either renting the wrong set of tools for the job or failing to rent anything because you’re not certain. You may only find near-correct equipment available or you may not have time to consult on the right equipment with your rental experts which can lead to difficult projects with the wrong rented tools.

4) The Project Window You Want Isn’t Open

You may also find that the equipment you want is booked for some or all of the project window you need. The equipment might even be ready to book that day, but someone else booked it a week from now so you’ll need to bring it back earlier than your project allows. You may be forced to put off your project for a few weeks, to when the equipment is available, or even rent it twice around the reserved rental window of someone else.

5) There isn’t Enough Equipment Available

Finally, it’s possible that only some equipment you need is available. You might need several of one tool for a team of people on your project, or you might need a collection of equipment. Either way, there’s no guarantee that all the equipment you need will be available together when you need it. Each item on your list may already be checked out or reserved during the window you need to do your project.

Reserve Your Equipment Rentals Ahead of Time

Whether you’re a business or planning a little home DIY, projects with rented equipment need to be planned out at least a month ahead of time. To ensure that the equipment you need is available and prepared for use in top-condition. Don’t come in last-minute for whatever is in the shop that day. Call in as soon as you have a project window and your list of needed equipment ready. Our team here at Vandalia Rental will happily ensure that your equipment is all perfectly ready for your project start date. Contact us to reserve your equipment rental!