Planning to Build Something Special? 4 Reasons to Book Specialty Equipment Early

Specialty construction projects are always the most fun – and often the most challenging. When a client has something special in mind, a vision to bring to life, it is the builder’s job to handle the logistics. Whether you are working closely with a contractor or planning a DIY home improvement project, some plans take more specialized equipment than others.

Hanging wallpaper, for example, requires a special flat-headed gentle steamer to seal the glue in place. Hanging windows is even more specialized, and windows in the roof (skylights) even moreso. You might want to do something new and interesting with your plumbing, like a two-headed shower. Maybe you’re planning to build a greenhouse, or need to strip and refinish your basement floor. These, too, require specialty equipment you (or your builders) may not already have

For this, you can lease equipment. And the earlier you lease your specialty equipment, the better for your special project. Here’s why:

1) Consult on the Right Equipment for Your Special Project

If you have something creative or unusual in mind, it’s not always obvious which equipment you should choose. Many types of construction and home improvement equipment do similar things in slightly different ways. You might need a power sander, but do you need a floor, table-top, or wall sander? How big, how powerful? You might want to hang architectural works of art in your home, but what is the best lift to put them into place, and do you need a welder or a bolt driver to mount them securely?

These are important questions to ask – questions your equipment leasing team would be glad to help you answer.

2) Make Sure the Equipment is Available When (and for How Long) You Need It

Every project has a start-date and a duration. During that time you need all your equipment available to you. The trick about equipment rental is that it’s shared between many people and many projects over the calendar year. To ensure that the equipment you need is available when your project is taking place, it is necessary to book ahead of time.

The earlier you book, the more certainly we can guarantee that your equipment will be available. Not only on the day your project begins, but for the entire duration of your need for specific equipment.

3) The Company Might Not Have Your Specialty Equipment – Yet

You even might need to address equipment that isn’t in your rental company’s inventory. If there’s something we dont have that you want to rent, ask about it! Most equipment rental companies, ours included, are happy to talk to you about any equipment that isn’t currently on the inventory list. If it is something that other customers will need in the future, it can be ordered. The company benefits from expanding their inventory in response to client demand, and you benefit because you are still only paying rental cost, not the cost of buying a new piece of construction equipment.

By going in to book your equipment early, there may be time to discuss and order any new equipment you need.

4) Ensure Your Builder Will Be Satisfied With the Equipment Rented

Finally, the team or individual doing the building needs to be comfortable with the rented equipment. Whether you are DIY, asking a builder-friend for help, or working with contractors – the builder should have final approval of the equipment you rent. If you are DIY or working with a friend, come in and put your hands on the equipment. Test the weight. Talk about the features with your leasing team and use-cases to make sure that those doing the building are satisfied with the tools they will be using.

When you arrange your equipment rentals early, you have time to approve of the gear to be used or make changes to your equipment plans based on this assessment.

For clients working with contractors, you can usually leave the equipment rental to them, as they likely already know the models and sizes that will work best for their process.

Are you planning a specialty construction project in the near future? The sooner you get in touch with your equipment rental team, the sooner we can ensure that your equipment is both satisfactory and available when your project begins. Contact us today to talk to Vandalia Rental’s equipment experts on the special needs of your upcoming project.