5 Reasons You Should Advance Schedule Equipment

Advance schedule equipment you need and save yourself additional time, money, and effort

Leasing project equipment means you’re renting the equipment instead of fully purchasing them. For example, if your project requires a saw, a lift, an earthmover, or any other equipment, you don’t have to break the bank buying any of the equipment. You just go to a leasing company and enter an agreement to rent the project equipment for the specific time frame you will be carrying out your project.

Leasing allows you to obtain the machinery you need while maintaining a healthy bottom line without spending more than what is necessary. However, when leasing project equipment, you should always make your booking early.

Let’s look at some reasons you should advance schedule equipment for your project.

1.   Have an Assurance That Equipment Is Available

The equipment leasing company can have all the equipment needed in construction, demolition, facility maintenance, among others. In fact, the leasing company may have several models for every piece of equipment. However, project machines for lease are typically in high demand. Besides, some of the equipment could be undergoing servicing.

Since you rely on the supply and availability of the equipment rental service in your locality, what they have when you are commencing your project is what you can take. If another contractor is already using the equipment you need, you can’t lease it. The equipment you need may also be unavailable if it’s being serviced.

For that reason, you should advance schedule equipment needed to ensure it is available for the date and period you need it.

2.   Operators Can Familiarize Themselves with the Equipment

Equipment comes in different makes and models, and each may have unique operating characteristics, control systems, and devices. Therefore, you need to get it early enough to familiarize yourself with the features, limitations, functions, and operating characteristics of equipment to use the specific model properly.

This allows the operators to learn the ins and outs of the machine in a relaxed environment before the work commences. In short, they’ll have time to learn any unique aspects of operating the machine. This is especially important to guarantee your project’s safety and also minimize downtime, ensuring tasks are completed in time.

3.   You Have Adequate Time to Plan and Conduct Safety Training

ANSI standards require employers to develop a safe use plan for Mobile Elevating Work Platforms (MEWPs), including lifts. One essential component of a safe use plan is safety training. Advance schedule equipment to give yourself time to plan and conduct the training before receiving the machine.

4.   It Helps Stick To Your Budget

Lowering costs of ownership is among the biggest advantages of leasing. The lease agreement might not require you to make down payments. You’ll also get several flexible payment options customized to meet your specific needs.

It’s also good practice to write equipment leasing costs into the budget before starting the project. Generally, planning for a large project begins as a variable before settling on a solid figure. It is easier to make budget estimates and adjust tweaks to keep the final figure within budget when you know the solid figures earlier.

5.   Allow Site Set-Up, Equipment Assembly, and Inspection before the Project

Some project equipment, such as lifts, require assembling before starting using them. But that is not something you want to do in the first days within your project timeframe. Advance scheduling equipment ensures you have the extra time required to set up the site and assemble the machinery to commence the project.

Early booking gives room for adjustments to achieve a set-up that is most convenient for project activities. Besides, it allows you to inspect the equipment for damage and defects that you can report to the leasing company and have them addressed before starting the job.

The Bottom Line

Reaching out to your equipment rental company in advance is best for your interests. The move ensures you begin your project in time and execute it seamlessly. Are you looking to lease any equipment for your upcoming project? Reach out to Vandalia Rental and have a guarantee that the machinery you need is available when you need it.