5 Aesthetic Social Distance Remodeling Ideas to DIY with Rental Equipment

From business owners to homeowners, social distancing has posed more than a few challenges. There is a very serious need to help people of different families remain virally separate; but that doesn’t mean giving up aesthetics. Your business or home can still be beautiful, even if you choose to redesign to provide greater social distance safety.

Many property owners are choosing to remodel to adapt to the new-normal requirements. Of course, necessity can go hand-in-hand with beauty. You can even take your existing dividers and distancing installations and make them more aesthetic with just a few DIY remodeling methods. Equipment rental makes it possible to implement both big and small remodeling projects with your team or hired builders; whomever is best suited to the project.

Let’s talk about some of our favorite aesthetic social distance projects that you can DIY with rental equipment.

Artistically Frost Your Glass Dividers

Everyone knows that frosted glass can be beautiful, especially with artistic patterns frosted into the glass itself. But did you know how easy it is to frost your own glass? A sand-blaster and a shielded area are all you need to frost your own glass dividers instead of paying a premium for pre-frosted panels. In fact, this is your opportunity to make custom stencils and designs that will be unique to your venue.

Set out your glass panels, lay your stencil, and use a rented sandblaster to custom-frost your dividers.

Fishbone-Angled Tables and Seating

Whether you are redesigning a restaurant dining room, an event venue, or planning for a post-COVID family holiday, there are some measures that help to minimize spread incidents. Tabletop shields and between-table dividers are the standard methods, but you can also get clever with table arrangement.

Fishbone design is when there are two lines of oppositely angled tables. The fishbone design discourages and prevents diners from pulling their tables together or overflowing into each other’s personal spaces from table to table.

Suspend Dividers from the Ceiling

Placing cublicle-like dividers on the floor is the standard way to go, but if your dividers are going to be stationary, why not hang them? The suspension method has been an artistic approach to venue design for decades and you can do this yourself with the right plan, equipment, and supervising professionals. Suspending dividers will require access to rafters or ceiling hardpoints and a lift to safely work with heavy materials above the ground.

Landscaping or Framing Separate Customer Pathways

Many businesses and some homes have approached social distance with pathway crafting. By guiding guests down individual paths, it is far easier (and more pleasant) to enforce safe distances. Consider a garden, landscaped so each path takes spaced-out walkers far from those on other paths. Family groups can choose to walk together or individuals find it both easy and beautiful to walk alone at a respectful pace to avoid others. As guests arrive, direct them through alternating paths to make spacing a relaxing experience.

Rental equipment is often all you need to either landscape your outdoor areas or rearrange the shelves and displays indoors.

Install Decorative Shields Over Sanitizer Stations

Many venues have installed sanitizer and lotion stations around the public areas. These tend to be made of gray or beige plastic from the same providers as those who build public restrooms. But why stop there? A little DIY can produce some very stylish decorative shields and covers for your sanitizer stations so that the dispensers are still accessible but the refill tanks are masked behind aesthetic panels, lampshades, or artwork.

Are you planning some aesthetic upgrades to your social-distancing redesign? We can help. Vandalia Rental is a dedicated equipment rental business ready to help you find the right gear for any project. Contact us to consult on your aesthetic distancing ideas and book your equipment ahead of time to ensure availability. We look forward to working with you and hearing your innovative ideas for post-COVID remodeling.