What is the Best Lift for Your Job?

Factors to consider ensuring you get the best lift for your particular project

What could be more frustrating than getting the wrong lift for a job? Nothing! It is vital to consider the accessibility of your job site. It is crucial to consider the possible vertical obstacles and the stage at which the project is at. The maximum capacity of your lift choice also matters a great deal. Not forgetting how high you need to get.

Tip: the more versatile a lift is, the better; but before you invest in a lift, be sure to look for the best fit for your need. So what is the best lift for your job?

What Are The Factors You Should Consider When Choosing The Best Lift?

Based on the terrain of your job site, you can choose the ideal lift for your job. Consider first the height requirement. Don’t rent a long height lift if your job only requires a twenty-five feet lift. Additionally, consider the type of movement you will require while on the lift for efficiency. Rent a lift that can handle vertical and horizontal movements for convenience.

Do not forget the weight capacity needed, and the number of workers that you need to lift, plus the accompanying equipment.

The power source of the lift matters a big deal. Electric lifts are free of noise pollution. They also don’t produce harmful emissions. Here are a variety of the best lifts you could choose to fit your need.

1. Personnel Lifts

If you want a guarantee for your safety, then consider buying a personnel lift and say goodbyes to the unsafe ladders. At Vandalia Rental there are personnel lifts convenient enough to lift you 25´ to 40´ high.

These lifts are great since they allow you to work 360 degrees and you get to engage both hands. What’s more, is that these lifts are easily portable from their lightweight and ability to be disassembled easily this way your equipment is safe from theft.

If your job is at a construction site, a warehouse, or a retail store, then a personnel lift is perfect for your needs.

2. Scissor Lifts

Scissor lift will be a great choice if you aim at lifting load capacity between 100 kg to 50,000 kg. Diesel-powered lifts are ranging from a lift height of 26´ 4M×4M to 40´ 4M×4M. You may also rent an electric scissor lift height of 40´ 4M×4M.

If your job majors on vertical lifts, then rent a scissor lift. However, these lifts do not come with a vertical extension feature. Whether you are looking to invest in the best lift for an outdoor or an indoor project, you can get a small scissor lift for an indoor project or a large one for an outdoor job. Electric scissor lifts are most perfect for indoor usage. For industrial and manufacturing companies, these are an epic choice.

3. Boom Lifts

If you are looking for the best lift which will make moving around objects possible, a boom lift is what you need. They come with a hydraulic arm that making movement from one direction to another easy. If your job involves more than one person, this kind of lifts is convenient.

Warehouse owners, building and construction maintenance work, and other aerial work. Articulating boom lifts come with a bucket, firmly attached to a turntable, this makes activities such as fruit picking faster and safe.

If you need a lift that goes up to 80 feet (24.38 m) high or more for your job, get a telescopic boom lift. It’s the perfect choice for construction work at tall buildings.  It supports safe working at heights, so they are designed with wide bases and well-protected working space. It is however not the best for vertical and horizontal mobility.


It is important to get help from qualified expertise before diving right into your pockets to rent a machine. Vandalia Rental has the equipment and the expertise you require to get the best lift for your work.  For more information, contact us today, and we will be more than willing to help.