Which are the Best Lifts for Your Job?

Finding the best lifts for your job can be daunting! You have to juggle between ease of transportation, maximum lift capacity, and your working area. After doing all these, you may still end up with the wrong lift for the job.

The good news is, you don’t need to stress over it because we’ve got great lift recommendations for you. The best lifts to consider are:

These lifts have optimum height reach, area coverage, load capacity, are easy to transport, and are made of sturdy materials for safety and longevity. So, whatever the job, they are the best ones to get the task done. So, let’s get started!

Choosing the Best Lifts for Your Job

Scissor lifts are only vertical and have platforms of the same size as the base. Therefore, they’re best for indoor and outdoor use, especially tiny spaces. There are two main types of scissor lifts to choose from—solid surface scissor lifts and rough terrain scissor lifts.

Some great examples of scissor lifts include scissor-10′ electric, scissor lift-13′ micro electric, scissor lift-26′ 4×4-Diesel, and scissor lift-40′ 4×4 electric.

Articulating boom lifts have a firm base for support and maneuverable arms which can move upwards and sideways. At the end of the arm, a work platform is fitted that accommodates workers. There are two types of articulating boom lifts—solid surface articulating boom lift and rough terrain articulating boom lift. These lifts are best for hard-to-access areas because of their high flexibility.

Some examples of vertical mast lifts to consider are vertical mast lift, 15′ self-propelled, vertical mast lift, 20′ self-propelled, mast lift 26′ vertical w/jib, and mast lift 32′ vertical w/jib. They’re versatile, flexible, and cover vertical, horizontal, and horizontal directions. In addition, they cover a smaller surface area, making them among the best lifts for hard-to-reach areas.

Telescopic boom lifts are characterized by a firm base and a flexible arm fitted with a work platform. They first extend horizontally and then move up and down, making them the best choice for worksites with minimal horizontal movements. Telescopic boom lifts can go as high as 185 feet, allowing you to work on super high workspaces without the stress.

Towable boom lifts are typically 4-6 feet wide and can reach a maximum height of 60 feet, depending on the model. They’re highly portable and best for outdoor decorating. So, you can tie one to your truck and bring it with you to work.

Also, they have either electric or diesel engines. Electric engine towable boom lifts are the best for indoor use because they don’t emit fumes.

Personnel lifts are also known as man lifts or push-around lifts. They’re compact and designed primarily for indoor use. They’re 2-3 feet wide and mostly 5 feet high, making them ideal for small spaces.

In addition, some Personnel lifts have outriggers for extra stability and safety when in use. They’re relatively lightweight and are built for lifting single persons.

Final Verdict

Finding the best lifts for your job can be a hassle! This is especially true when you don’t know what to look for. So, when choosing the best lift for your job, check its carrying capacity, horizontal and vertical distance coverage, stability, and ease of transport.

Below is the quick rundown of our top lifts recommendations;

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