8 Best Surface Prep Equipment You Can Rent

When repairing or refinishing a surface, you must use the right surface prep equipment to get excellent results. The right equipment will easily remove the previous flooring effectively and quickly. It will make it easy to grind the top layer of your floor to eliminate any imperfections or adhesive. This makes sure the surface is ready for a new layer of flooring.

In this blog, we will look at some of these machines used in concrete resurfacing and surface preparation. Let’s dive in.

Tile Strippers

Don’t allow the name to fool you. You can use this equipment to pull up tile, carpet, linoleum, and other flooring installed with adhesives. The tile stripper is self-propelled, controlled by an operator who walks behind. Tile strippers are suitable for smaller construction projects.


Often called scarifiers or milling equipment. Planers are usually used on concrete, steel, and asphalt surfaces. Planers work by abrading or fracturing existing coatings using carbon-tipped cutters that usually rotate to thrash and chip away at a steel or concrete surface. You can use planers for various profiling tasks. Planers can remove rubbery elastomeric and heavy epoxy, among other complex surfaces. Also, they can level misaligned concrete joints and make footpaths slip-resistant by removing grooves.


A grinder is a surface prep tool used to take out imperfections or adhesives from a concrete floor. They use horizontally rotating discs, which usually give a surface a smoother profile. Since they don’t create ridges like planers, a grinder is a perfect solution for preparing your floor before you apply paint or a thin coating or adding a smooth texture to the surface.

The usefulness of grinders mainly depends on their attachments. However, if your job needs deep and widespread floor grinding, you can use shot blasters.


Usually, sanders are used on hardwood surfaces to eliminate adhesives and other remains. This surface prep equipment can also remove sealants like polyurethane, thus uncovering the surface for refurbishing. A sander has a belt used to hold the sandpaper and moves very fast. Its speed and weight ensure you get maximum impact within a short time.


These are floor cleaning machines. You can choose a ride-on or walk-behind scrubber machine to clean large areas. Ride-on scrubbers help minimize operator fatigue. On the other hand, walk-behind models allow more control, especially when cleaning narrow spaces. Scrubbers for commercial use have round, square, or cylindrical oscillating brush heads. Scrubbers use water and soap to scrub and lift the residue off the floor.


Sweepers operate in much the same way as a broom and a dust pan, but all in one. Sweepers used in construction projects are bigger and can collect more debris and dust at once. They consist of large debris containers that minimize the number of times you have to empty them. Also, they can clean more substantial items such as sand, stones, and any waste on a construction site.


After sweeping your construction site, it’s important to wash it using a washer. A pressure washer is equipment used to clean a surface. Pressure washers operate by spraying a pressurized stream of water on a surface. Water comes out of a nozzle at high speed, directed to the area needing cleaned. You can adjust the nozzle for various spray patterns depending on where you are cleaning. These machines come in different shapes, sizes, powers, and other features. Therefore, be careful when choosing the right one for your project.


A floor polisher is automatic cleaning equipment made of a scrubbing head, and a disk used to scrub or clean a surface. Also, it removes dirt from the surface. Lastly, a polisher makes your surface smooth and shiny, just like a polished one.

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