Planning a Summer Project? Book Equipment While It’s Still Cold Outside

Summer is the best time to plan a big business renovation or home improvement project. The temperature is warm, the weather is clear, and everyone already wants to spend time outside. While winter’s perfect for indoor projects, summer is best for anything from replacing windows to building a new deck. Of course, when it comes to construction planning, it’s never too early to book equipment.

The Early Bird Gets the Worm

They say the early bird gets the worm, and in no business is that more true than in equipment rental. Equipment rental businesses functions a lot like a neighborhood library. Homeowners and local businesses don’t have to own every type of construction tool to perform a few renovations a decade. Instead, an equipment rental business is a repository of tools that can be borrowed for fees that go to the maintenance and growth of the neighborhood equipment inventory.

If equipment you need is already booked, you go on the waiting list instead of leaving with what you need. If you want to ensure the equipment you need is available when you need it, you must call ahead. However, unlike a library, not everyone rents equipment for the same period of time. Each person creates a rental lease for the duration they predictably need to use the equipment rented. Walk-ins have a distinct disadvantage; even those calling a week ahead might find the equipment they need already booked for the dates they need it.

The Value of Booking Seasons Ahead

The good news is that construction projects are often planned far in advance. You likely know that a summer renovation is coming at least one season ahead, maybe even years before the first piece of equipment is needed to get started. This gives you plenty of time to make sure every single needed tool and material is ready to go on your scheduled warm-weather start date.

So why not book equipment seasons ahead? While most people wait until spring to book equipment rental for summer, there’s no need to wait if your plans can be hammered out by winter. In fact, winter is often the most fun time to plan your summer renovation. When it’s too cold to go outside, warm thoughts of sunny afternoons refinishing the driveway or building an expansion is a pleasing way to spend the time.

Those who can predict both the tools needed and the time they’ll need them can book equipment before others do. You can ensure even high-demand or low-stock equipment is reserved for your purposes when the rest of those springtime reservations come in.

Book Equipment Rental Early This Winter

Now is the perfect time to book equipment rental for any project on your future calendar. Whether you’re planning a project months in advance or only a few weeks. the earlier you book is always better. The summer projects you’re looking forward to? They can be not only planned, but booked and confirmed before winter melts into spring.

Vandalia Equipment Rental for Your Year-Round Equipment Needs

Here at Vandalia Rental, we enjoy talking shop with customers about your project plans, the equipment you need, and the best time to rent it. Call in or join us online to book the equipment you need. If you’re not sure on the exact pieces or summer dates, we’ll help you figure that out, too. The warm-weather project you’re dreaming of can be locked down into a real date with the equipment you need assuredly available.