4 Types Of Commercial Landscaping Equipment Rental Options For Contractors

When working with commercial landscaping, it is important to have the equipment you need to get the job done. Since commercial landscaping can vary a great deal from place to place, you’ll need to have a large variety of equipment to choose from. When you choose to rent your commercial landscaping equipment, you can get all the equipment that you need. You also only have to pay the cost of rental, rather than paying for the entire piece of equipment outright. Here are four types of commercial landscape equipment rental options for contractors.

Tree Care

Many commercial locations have a lot of trees needing to be cared for. Having the proper commercial landscaping equipment to care for them is key. Stump cutters are great for removing stumps after trees have been removed; they grind down the remaining stump until it’s gone. Renting a chipper is also a great option for taking care of the trees that you cut down. The chipper will turn the trees into wood chips, which can then be used in other aspects of the landscaping. You can even rent a log splitter, if you need help splitting logs from trees which have been removed.


In order to help reduce impaction and introduce more nutrients into the soil, aeration is key. Generally, in the spring time, most grass areas need to be completely aerated. This is a great time to consider renting a plugger. You have a large size selection to choose from, depending on how big of an area you need to aerate. This makes it possible for you to only spend what you need, for the size of aerator that you require.

Sod Care

When it comes to planting and caring for sod, a variety of commercial landscaping equipment is required. One piece of equipment that you may want to consider renting is a seeder. This helps you to spread the seed evenly over the entire surface, which allows the grass to grow up thick and even. If you need to cut pieces of sod in order to make them fit, or simply to move them, then a sod cutter will come in handy. This allows you to cut the sod to the exact dimensions that you need, and does so quickly and effectively. If you are preparing land for seed or sod, then renting a soil conditioner attachment can help to prepare a commercial area properly.

Other Lawn Care

While sod is the main focus with a lawn, you also need other pieces of commercial landscaping equipment as well. One piece of equipment that you may need is a weed mower. This is a rotary style machine which helps pull weeds out of the ground, without bringing grass with it. You may also need to rent a rototiller to clear and level ground, to prepare it for future use. If you are looking into creating a fence at a commercial location, then having a post hole digger can allow you to quickly and effectively dig the holes needed for the posts. You also have options when it comes to the size of the post hole digger, depending on how large and deep you need the post holes.

Renting equipment for your commercial landscaping projects can make it possible for you to get the job done in the quickest and most effective manner possible, without sacrificing the quality of your work. Whether you are doing tree care, aeration, sod care, or some other type of lawn care, you can get the exact equipment that you need. To rent some excellent equipment today, visit us at Vandalia Rental.