5 Best Kinds Of Concrete/Masonry Equipment

Having the right type of equipment for any job is important, but this is especially true with concrete/masonry equipment. This type of work requires precision and attention to detail, which is incredibly important to any contractor. Thankfully, this precision and detail can be achieved with the right kinds of equipment. Here are some different types of equipment that are excellent to rent for concrete/masonry work.


When it comes to mixing and pouring your concrete and mortar, you need to make sure you have the right tools on-hand. One of the most important items to rent for mixing is a concrete and/or mortar mixer. You can rent mixers that are electric, towable, and range in size from small to large. You may also want to consider renting a Georgia Buggy that is an electric walk behind, track ride, power ride, or power ride propane. These allow you to pour the cement at a steady and consistent rate, once it has been mixed. Other concrete/masonry equipment you may also want to rent for your work are concrete vibrators and rebar tiers.


When it comes to the finish work, you may also want to rent some concrete/masonry equipment. You can choose to rent a concrete trowel that is  powered by gasoline, propane, or is electric. These trowels also range in diameter, so you can find one that is the right size for your project. These trowels make it possible for you to create a polished, finished look on your concrete. You can also rent a concrete power screed to ensure that your surface is entirely level, once you are done pouring the concrete. These are often more effective than other methods.


If you plan on drilling holes in concrete, then it is important to have the correct types of drills on-hand. Two rentals options to consider are the diamond drills and the rotary hammer drills. You can rent either a diamond hand drill or a drill rig, depending on your needs. These are great for creating a clean and precise hole in mortar. The rotary hammer drills that you rent are excellent for drilling into concrete because they spin, while at the same time hammering into the concrete.


If demolition is part of your concrete work, then you definitely need to rent the appropriate demolition hammer for the job. You can rent different sizes and styles of demolition hammers, depending on your project. There are smaller handheld hammers that are good for masonry demolition, and other larger demolition hammers that are perfect for demolishing bigger sections of concrete.

Dust Control

When you’re working with concrete/masonry equipment, it’s important to have a vacuum to help control the dust. One type of vacuum that you can consider renting is a vacuum for a planer. This vacuum is made specifically to be used with a planer and helps to suck up the dust as you are using the planer on the concrete. You can also rent commercial vacuums that are very large and great for keeping large work areas clear of dust.

Knowing that you have access to the right tools to get your concrete/masonry job done is an amazing thing, and renting them is what makes this possible for you. You can rent equipment to help with mixing/pouring, finishing, pouring, demolition, dust control, and more. To learn more about the different pieces of equipment that you can rent for your concrete/masonry work, or to rent some of these items for your concrete/masonry project today, visit us at Vandalia Rental.