Sneeze Guards & Dividers: Renting Equipment to Renovate Your Business for the New Normal

The coronavirus had some serious impacts on every industry and business that we work with, and those around the world. To recover from the lockdown, each business needs to rebuild the facilities and workflows in order to keep everyone safe. You need to protect customers and employees alike, and a few minor structural changes can make a big difference. Dividers, sneeze guards, and newly private spaces can all help to keep individuals and groups safer from viral transmission.

This is the ideal and in many cases necessary time to upgrade your facilities. Workspaces can be divided to keep coworkers safe, and venues can be divided so that individual customers or family-groups are safe. All you need are a few small changes and upgrades. Here at Vandalia rental, we’ll help you get the right collection of tools for any one-time installation project you need.

Install Plexiglas Dividers

Plexiglas dividers are useful in a vast selection of circumstances. Many businesses are using newly installed Plexiglas dividers at counters and service desks. You can even safely share tables with dividers and a face mask policy. Dividers can separate customer tables in a restaurant or even service areas for groups of customers on-site. Plexiglas dividers provide visual transparency and a greater sense of connection. Installing dividers will require a power drill with a full set of driver and drill bits. You will need fasteners, leveling, and measuring tools as well for properly mounting each divider.

Private Dining Rooms or Service Areas

One smart way to alter your facility is to turn a large communal space into smaller, private spaces. Private dining rooms are now safer to book than a table in an open dining area. Other venues that host guests from doctors to banks can establish more separate service areas with dividers up between each group of customers. This will keep your customers safe and make them feel the security you are creating. Building separate spaces can vary. You might construct temporary dividers, bolt up dividers, or even build new drywall rooms.

Wall-Mounted Sanitizer and Lotion Dispensers

A simple and very effective strategy is simply to provide hand sanitizer. An attention-catching joke or a funny picture will remind those who pass to casually catch a handful of sanitizer and wash on the way by. This is one of the best ways to fight virus spread in a shared workplace, and you can help even more with matching dispensers of thin hand lotion. The lotion helps prevent painful dry skin from constantly washing and sanitizing hands.

You will need to bold these sanitizers to the wall, and in some cases, you might consider installing an elegant nook into walls where sanitizers are affixed.

Sneeze Guards

Use sneeze guards anywhere faces point at each other, merchandise, or food. Buffets and salad bars already had sneeze guards, now it’s time to put them on everything else. Service desks to retail locations, these places can reopen if virus containment is well-enacted. Sneeze guards in strategic places, mounted to displays and tables throughout the facility, can significantly increase the safety of reestablishing your business model.

Office Division and Dividers

In an office or industrial setting, new dividers between employees can be equally useful. You can rebuild your office area with a larger number of individual working spaces or you can experiment with installing movable dividers. Construction new office divisions and installing your dividers will require a small one-time construction project that can often be completed in-house.

Adapting your business facilities and venues for the new-normal doesn’t have to require a construction team. If your staff is ready to put together a few dividers and mount a few Plexiglas sheets, we can help. Here at Vandalia Rental, we’ll connect your business with the hand tools and construction tools you need for a one-time facility upgrade project. Contact us today to schedule your tool rental and consult on the equipment your project needs.