5 Reasons to Include Equipment Rentals in Your Project Planning

Some work projects are bigger than others. Some are so large that rented equipment becomes necessary to complete the work you need done. In many cases, project planners are tempted to put equipment rentals on the list of things to worry about when you get there. After all, how much competition could there really be for bucket lifts and earth movers? You might be surprised.

As experienced providers of rented equipment, we’ve seen more than a few tears of stress and logistical SNAFUs from projects that did not plan early enough in the process for the equipment they need. So today, we’re here to share 5 powerful reasons to include equipment rentals and reservation early in your project planning.

1) Your Rental Source Might be ‘Sold Out’

No one thinks of large rental equipment as being in high or low demand. You need it when you need it, and so does everyone else, right? Wrong. Believe it or not, rental equipment can book up like hotcakes depending on the season. No matter what kind of equipment you’re hoping to rent, there’s a chance that some other project got there first. And of course they’ve cleared the inventory you need on the dates you need it.

This is one of the most important reasons for reserving your equipment rentals ahead of time instead of waiting until the last moment.

2) There Might Be Only Non-Ideal Options Left

Interestingly, the rental place may still have equipment that would be useful to you; but they may have already rented out all the best equipment for the job. Earth moving, for example, is serious business and requires many buckets and scoops of earth to make a real difference. You may have been hoping to book larger or more precise earth moving equipment, but find yourself left with only the smaller models for traditionally smaller projects.

This is an uncomfortable but workable situation that will surely serve to remind you to book rental equipment earlier you ever need to again.

3) Special Requirements for Equipment Transfer

One thing that many project planners accidentally overlook is transport routes. Heavy-duty vehicle equipment probably needs to be transported on a truck and may be incredibly heavy. Both of these factors limit how your rental equipment can get to the project site and which roads it must take. Many little towns don’t allow trucks to pass through or for especially heavy loads to challenge their pavement.

You may need to put together a special route and transport plans just to gain access to the equipment you have rented. Which can add delays, complications, and unwanted problems with the project itself.

4) Get Ahead of Costing and Find Deal Opportunities

Making plans to book your equipment early is also a great way to make sure you get the best price. Last-minute rentals are often accompanied with demand pricing for same-day or same-week delivery. Planning far ahead, on the other hand, gives you a chance to shop around at different rental sources, compare your options, and even find local deals that will be available now or when your project is ongoing.

In other words, sourcing your equipment rentals early can help you to save money by finding the best prices and packages on the equipment you need.

5) Preventing Project Delays with Forward Planning

Finally, you don’t need us to tell you the kind of disaster that is spelled out by day-long project delays. Your profits or benefits could evaporate if the project is delayed by even one complete day. And this kind of delay is very likely with last-minute equipment rentals as the rental company sources the vehicles you need, prepares them, and transports them along approved heavy-load routes.

When are you planning on booking your project’s rental equipment? It’s never too early to get started and your rental company of choice will be delighted to have your business planned and reserved in the future even if you are not renting anything today. For more information about how to strategize your projects and equipment rental, contact us today!