Tips for Executing the Perfect Excavator Jump Turn

Operating an excavator can be a challenging task, especially when digging trenches, clearing debris or doing close quarter demolition work. Learning tricky maneuvers, such as the jump turn, enables an operator to efficiently and safely complete excavation work. Mastering the excavator jump turn, sometimes called a bucket pivot, can take your excavator operation skills to the next level. However, it does require some serious skills, patience, and the right techniques.  In this blog post, we will take a closer look at the jump turn technique and offer you some tips on how to execute a perfect jump turn with an excavator.

Understand the Excavator Jump Turn

The jump turn is a maneuver that requires you to rotate the machine on one track while raising the opposite track in midair. You will need to use the force of the raised track to spin the machine around. It’s vital to understand the physics behind it before you start practicing.

A Jump Turn to the Right

If turning right, start by lowering the boom, to raise the front of the tracks several inches above the ground. Turn the tracks to the right while swinging the machine to the left.

Practice Makes Perfect

Executing the perfect excavator jump turn requires practice. When first learning this maneuver, practice in an open area with plenty of space. This allows you to concentrate on the maneuver without worrying about hitting nearby objects. It also gives you a chance to experiment with different approaches until you find the technique that works for you. Continue practicing in open spaces until you can execute a perfect jump turn multiple times in a row.

Positioning your Excavator

When executing a jump turn at a construction site, remember that the key to the perfect excavator jump turn is positioning your excavator correctly. Ideally, you should be parallel to the edge of the pit or excavation site before starting the move. Position the excavator so the bed is closer to the turn’s direction, and the cab faces the pivot point.

Safety First

Safety should always be your top priority when operating heavy machinery like an excavator. Ensure there are no obstacles that may interfere with the maneuver, and always keep others out of the worksite during the operation. Use protective gear such as gloves and safety glasses. And ensure proper maintenance and servicing of the machine to avoid accidents.

Use the Right Equipment

The key to success in executing a perfect excavator jump turn is using the right equipment. Make sure your excavator is equipped with a sufficient horsepower engine and is well-maintained, so it can handle the load of the maneuver.

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