Job Equipment – Rent or Buy?

Many major construction projects require a lot of very expensive equipment to be able to pull off the job. The main question when it comes to these projects is whether you should rent or buy that equipment. The answer to that question will typically depend on what the project is, along with a number of other factors. For example: how long it will take? Will the project need to be repeated in the near future? How expensive is the equipment you are going to need? It’s always cheaper to rent versus the cost of outright purchasing it, unless you actually need it indefinitely. Here are a few projects which are better done with rented equipment instead of investing in actually purchasing costly equipment.

Swimming Pools

The installation of a swimming pool is always a one time project; this is always a case where buying expensive equipment to install one is completely pointless. Most people will only want a single swimming pool. Therefore, buying massive, heavy, earth moving gear required to put one in is nothing less than a colossal financial waste.

However, there is one exception to this. If you are part of a company that installs swimming pools for customers and will be doing this on a regular basis then it is most likely worth it to buy this costly equipment rather than renting; the long-term cost of rental fees are likely to exceed what you would spend to purchase the equipment. Another point to mention, though, is that most people don’t install their own swimming pools so this is not a project that the vast majority of people are likely to have to worry about doing themselves.

Painting a Building

Painting projects are often infrequent and can require some very expensive equipment. As a result, it is generally better to just rent this equipment. The first reason for this is that painting projects are generally not the sort of thing you will find yourself doing all the time. Provided you’re using the right paint, you’ll probably not be repainting anything more frequently than every couple years.

Painting projects also typically include lifts as part of the required equipment and lifts are both prohibitively expensive equipment to purchase and difficult to store. In addition, it is rather pointless to purchase costly equipment when it will spend years sitting in storage between projects. It is far more sensible to rent your equipment. Not only will you not have to spend even a fraction of the money on renting in comparison to purchasing your equipment but this will enable you to make use of the best available equipment when you need it rather than being stuck using gear that may well be decades old by that point.

Building a Treehouse

One of the most enjoyable and common projects these days is the construction of a treehouse. However, enjoyable as it is, this is not the sort of project that will be done on a regular basis. This will likely require a good deal of different expensive equipment to cut up and reshape your boards to fit in place as well as to hoist them into the desired locations. Since most people don’t need to hang onto this kind of costly equipment long-term as it is quite rare for one person to build more than one treehouse, it is far more sensible to rent out the equipment so you can use what you will need to do your project and then return it rather than burning money on buying equipment you are unlikely to use again after this project is over.

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