Equipment Rental Checklist for Starting Your Garage Refinishing Business

So, you’re looking to start your garage refinishing business. That’s great! One of the most important aspects of any successful refinishing business is having the right equipment, and we’ve got you on that.

There are some equipment that you can purchase outright and other items that might make more sense to rent to save on upfront costs and ensure better cash flow, especially when starting out. So, what exactly do you need to fulfill your clients’ need? Here is a detailed equipment checklist for starting your garage refinishing business.

Garage Refinishing Business Equipment Checklist:

1. Belt Sander

A belt sander will help get rid of rough edges on wood while also smoothing out surfaces in preparation for staining or painting.

2. A Floor Sander

Refinishing floors requires a lot of elbow grease and long hours, but it is also an art form. You will need to use a floor sander to get the surface level with your customer’s expectations before you can move on to coating them in whatever finish they choose.

3. Palm Sander

This is primarily used to sand flat surfaces and remove material, such as paint from a wall in preparation of finishing it with a floor coating (to make the surface smooth).

4. Floor Polisher

This refinishing equipment piece will help you buff out the floor leaving it clean and shining after it has been ground down.

5. A Solvent-Based Stripper for Prepping the Floors

Depending on your customers’ preferences, their flooring may need to be stripped before applying any coatings. Make sure your equipment rental company has access to a high-quality solvent-based product so that you can get the results your customers want.

6. Wallpaper Steamer-Electric

Steamers are good for getting rid of wallpaper or paint from walls before any refinishing process.

7. Vacuum

You will need a vacuum to clean up and pull all the dust away from your floor as you are grinding or polishing it down (depending on which machine you use).

Tip: Make sure that whatever vacuum you choose has a HEPA filter attached so that any harmful particles don’t go back into the air after they’ve been sucked up.

8. Hammer

A hammer will help with driving nails or finishing surfaces with concrete trowels for smoothing out cured epoxy floors (wood knocks also work).

9. Paint Roller Frame

A good roller frame will make it easier to apply coatings or paints on large surfaces such as garage floors.

10. Paint Tray

A paint tray holds small amounts of liquid for painting or staining. It will help you avoid spilling paint all over your garage floor, which can cause some more work.


When starting a new business, it’s always wise to look at different options that make your work easier. And, one way to do that as a new refinishing garage business owner is renting equipment out.

You don’t need to spend hours on the phone trying to find companies that offer equipment rentals; you can always base your search around what pieces of equipment are necessary for this project. The key is finding a company that provides everything you need in one place.

Renting equipment can save you time and money, freeing up several resources that would otherwise be spent only on sourcing new material for your flooring project. Not to mention, it will ensure that you have everything necessary for a successful refinish at your fingertips. For more garage equipment options, contact Vandalia Rental! Your go-to equipment rental company.

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