Material Lifts That Get Work Done at a Job Site

Moving around your equipment and other materials at a job site can become backbreaking if you don’t have the right tools. Why would you sweat over the little stuff when you can get a material lift to hoist them on your behalf? Working with material lifts saves you a lot of time and human resource costs. Even better, you spend less on injury claims while improving your subcontractors’ work rate and morale.

Material lifts are ideal for any contract work you can think of, but why should you choose to hire one from us at Vandalia Rental?

Reasons You Need a Material Lift

Not every job requires you to have a material lift. Thus, you don’t have to think of purchasing one until your workload demands it constantly. Until then, you can benefit significantly from our hiring options at Vandalia. You save a lot on costs and time spent at a job site.

A material lift can easily fit in whichever truck you use as your workhorse. They are compact but easy enough to maneuver around a cluttered contract site. Better still, they easily fit through a regular single door and fold for when you need to stow them away.

The available units are designed to be easy to use; no tools are required to assemble or take down the material lifts. Depending on your size, you can opt to have an air compressor, CO2 cartridge, or winch system do the lifting. Once set up, you have a versatile tool to help you move and hoist different materials around the worksite.

Available Lifts 

We have five material lifts available for you to select from. Each has its separate daily, weekly, and monthly hire rates.

  • Lift 8-foot Manual: Rated for lifting to 400 lbs at a 12-inch load center. It’s accessible with a 22.5-inch fork length and 20.5-inch width.
  • Lift 12-foot Manual: For loads up to 350 lbs at a 12-inch load center. The fork dimensions are 22.5-inch length and 20.5-inch width.
  • Lift 20-foot Manual: It’s obtainable with three capacity options; 800 lbs with an 18-inch load center, 600 lbs. with a 24-inch load center, and 350 lbs. with a 42-inch load center. The fork measures 27.5 inches long and 23.5 inches wide.
  • Lift 25-foot manual: Unlike the previous model, this one only comes in a single capacity rating of 650 lbs with an 18-inch load center. The fork possesses a length and width of 27.5 inches and 23.5 inches, respectively
  • Lift 18-inch Super Hoist: This 250 lbs rated lift should be your premier choice if you’d like a gas hoist.

Are You in Need of Material Lifts?

As a contractor, you know the perils of moving around heavy equipment. Not only can it be expensive financially, but it can also end up crippling your business or someone in your crew. While you have taken all necessary precautions, adding one more important tool to your safety kit wouldn’t hurt.

You can find that tool, a material lift, and many others at Vandalia Rental. We are the leading equipment provider for contractors engaged in construction, facility maintenance, demolition, and more. Whether you’re dealing with glass, drywall, roof, frames, concrete glass, and many other building materials, you can get the equipment you need from us.

We have an extensive equipment catalog, ranging from lifts and saws to generators and earth moves. Seriously, check us out now! To learn more about how we can be a great supplement to your construction business, get in touch with us today.