How the MEC Leak Containment System Works – A Review

A review of the new MEC leak containment system for work platforms

As part of being the premier equipment solutions provider, Vandalia Rental is always looking for new measures and innovations for construction and industrial applications. Providing equipment that improves efficiency, enhance safety, and improve overall satisfaction is our number one priority.

scissor lift and leak containment system

Recently, MEC Aerial Work Platforms announced a patent-pending Leak Containment System (LCS) for MEC slab scissor lifts. Vandalia Rental is therefore excited to share new product information with our customers.

More About The Leak Containment System

Through a recent investigation, MEC discovered that most hydraulic oil leaks originate from the hydraulic motors on the front steering wheels that always stress the hoses. As the hoses undergo physical stresses, the probability of an oil leak increases.

Therefore, MEC developed LCS as a safer solution to operating lifts on surfaces that require protection. Through this solution, operators thus remain focused on the job at hand; instead of mechanical leaks and the protection of carpets, hardwood floors, or other sensitive surfaces.

How It Works

The MEC LCS was built for easy installation and leak protection with pre-cut absorbent pads, removable trays, and strategically placed inspection holes on the outside of the machine.

Through these sleek design details, operators can detect a leak, remove the trays, and replace the absorbent containment pads quickly and easily.

This containment system integrates into the machines so that it does not interfere with critical machine functions; including the pothole protection system, static strap utility, and front-wheel operation.

Unlike current containment systems on the market, the LCS goes inside the machine instead of attached around the chassis. This method allows for unrestricted access to the emergency stop button, emergency lowering functions, and the ground controls.

Their unique integration protects these trays from weather elements, job debris, and forklifts.

This system’s features make it possible to provide our customers with longer-lasting, reliable machines that always get the job done. If you would like more information or reserve the 19′ or 26′ MEC Scissor Lifts with the award-winning Leak Containment System, please reach out to your Vandalia Rental Sales Representative or contact us at (800) 321-5061.