4 Outdoor Home Improvement Projects Where It’s Better to Rent Your Equipment than to Buy

Home improvement projects are one of life’s great joys as a homeowner. When you own your home, you can improve the look, feel, and function of your home and lot anytime. You can remodel if you want, re-landscape if you want, or build whole new structures in the yard. It only depends on what would make you happiest in any particular season.

A habitual home improvement DIY-er might have a big kit of tools and equipment. But if you’re only occasionally jumping into home improvement projects or just have one big project you want to take care of, then it’s far better to rent your equipment than to buy it. Especially for outdoor-work equipment that you’re unlikely to enjoy inside the comfort of your own garage.

Let’s take a look at four great outdoor home improvement projects that are often better done with rented equipment than with equipment you’ve fully invested in buying.

Digging a Swimming Pool

In-ground swimming pools are a serious commitment. They require gouging into the earth out back of your home to make room for the pool tank. To do this, you will need some serious earth moving equipment; not to mention concrete pour for the sides and the pathways around your new pool. Of course, most people will only ever need to dig one swimming pool in their entire lives; you will hardly need to personally own the large, high-maintenance earth-moving equipment you’ll need to dig the pit.

This means anyone digging a pool is far better off renting equipment for the duration needed to dig it; then return the equipment in a condition nearly as clean as before.

Building a Treehouse

Another great outdoor home improvement project is the outdoor treehouse. If you have a very sturdy tree just waiting to have a house built in its broad branches, neither you nor your children might be able to resist. Building a treehouse is a delight and also a marvel of modern carpentry. You will likely need to cut many boards to fit snugly around the boughs. And a great deal of equipment to hoist and fasten all the treehouse pieces together. And when you’re finished carving and hoisting and fastening for the treehouse, you can return all that specialized treehouse-building equipment to your nearest rental service.

Xeriscaping Your Garden

Want to dig in your garden for something other than a pool? Many people today are fully ripping up their soft cushy lawns and installing a xeriscaped landscape instead. Xeriscaping is the art of building a lawn designed to live on very little water. Xeriscaping is often associated with beds of colored pebbles and woodchips as an artistic replacement for sweeping green lawns and the plants included tend more toward the cactus and succulent families.

Xeriscaping is an amazing home improvement project, but you only have to do it once. When you’re done pushing all your dirt around and rearranging artistic beds of pebbles and modest plans, you will have no need for the extensive lawncare gear required to take out the old garden and bring in the new. Renting equipment makes this so much simpler.

Installing a Water Feature

Working with water can also require new equipment that you have never used before and will never use again. This means that installing a water feature like a flowing fountain, a water wall, or perhaps a pond with a trickling creek through an artistic area of the backyard. If you’re working with a water feature, having the right equipment, no matter how temporarily, can help a great deal. This is why it’s more practical to rent equipment for a brief water feature installation rather than buying.

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