9 Important Pieces of Equipment When Starting Your Own Pressure Washing Business

It’s practically impossible to go wrong when starting a pressure washing business. It does not necessitate much training or certification, and the initial equipment, gear, and salary costs are minimal. Operating costs are very modest in this type of business, making it much easier to earn a profit in a short period, especially when you consider renting some equipment from Vandalia Rental.

Why a Pressure Washing Business?

Pressure cleaning services are constantly in high demand. A pressure washing business can generate a steady stream of income for entrepreneurs if it is properly handled. Indeed, the worldwide cleaning services market is anticipated to register $74 billion by 2022, enabling pressure washing a safe and dependable business opportunity.

Generally, starting a pressure cleaning business could be a wise investment. You must plan yourself and get everything right from the start if you want to thrive and expand your business and obtain a slice of the $74 billion pie.

Establishing and running a pressure washing firm, like any other business, presents a variety of personnel management issues. To get your business right, you need to get the right equipment that will make your work easier.

What Equipment Do I Need For A Pressure Washing Business?

1.       A Trailer That Can Transport Your Tools and Machines

You can select between a closed or open van, and buy or rent one based on your budget. An enclosed truck is more likely to safeguard your tools from theft, loss, and environmental harm. e

The units must have at least 18 horsepower and V-twin motors to provide the hot water needed to clean surfaces rapidly and effectively.

2.       High-Pressure Washers

Look for power washers that can provide a force of 3,000 PSI or more. Cleaning may be better and faster with the high-pressure output. You may always attach a larger spray tip if you need to lessen the pressure to use on surfaces that cannot sustain high pressure.

3.       Angled Tips

You’ll require 0°, 15°, 25°, and 40° slanted tips, as well as a chemical point.

4.       Nozzles

Include a turbocharged nozzle that can be used on cement and other hard surfaces. Sprayer nozzles can be used on different surfaces.

5.       Generators

Until you buy an all-in-one engine, you’ll want them to power your power washers.

6.       Electric Motor or a Gas Engine

This can be used to generate pressure or even for water heating for cleaning operations. Stick to engines that have a good reputation for consistency and reliability.

7.       Hydrostatic Line Testers

These tools are vital for checking the integrity of your hoses and detecting any leaks.

8.       Dual Lance

The rollover valve on this equipment allows you to switch between two nozzles.

9.       Sewer Jetters

For draining sewers, buy or rent powerful washers that can apply pressures of 2,500 PSI to 4,000 PSI to eliminate all the material.

Work With the Best

When purchasing or renting equipment for your pressure washing business, it is recommended that you get the highest quality equipment and tools available. It is best to wait until you have the appropriate funds to start your firm if you believe your budget will not enable you to purchase suitable machinery and tools.

But if you don’t have the funds to buy your own equipment, don’t worry. Vandalia Rental is here for you.  You can visit our website and rent the best high-quality equipment you need to start a pressure washing business at affordable prices.

By renting with us, you will be relieved of the burden of ensuring that the equipment is functional and ready to use. As a result, we will keep the equipment fleet current and serviced regularly. Renting equipment is a more cost-effective option because it involves a smaller initial commitment. When you rent directly from us, you save money on asset management and maintenance services.

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