Tips To Prevent Forklift Accidents

Forklifts are commonly used in the workplace. Though most people believe that they are only used in construction, they are also used in many warehouses and other jobs. Because of this, accidents involving forklifts are very common. They cause minor and serious injuries, including death every year. However, the sad truth is that many forklift accidents could easily be avoided.

Here are some tips to prevent forklift accidents.

Make sure that you are properly trained.

Untrained workers are often the most common reason why accidents happen, so it is important that you feel like you know what you are doing. In fact, forklifts can be very dangerous in the wrong hands, so it is important that you take your training seriously.

If you are struggling to operate your forklift, you need to step away before you get hurt. Get more help until you are confident with your abilities to handle the machine.

Make sure that you are wearing proper protective equipment, otherwise known as PPE.

You need to protect yourself by wearing a hard hat, steel-toe boots, and jackets that are highly visible. You may want to avoid loose clothing which could catch in the equipment and cause injury.

Though you may not want to be seen in PPE, it is essential for your safety!

Check over the machine before using it every day.

You should have a daily inspection checklist to make sure that your forklift is safe to operate. You should check for any leaks, check the tires, and even look for signs of overheating. Make sure that the brakes and horns are working. You should also lift, lower, and tilt it before leaving the parking space.

Be careful when loading.

Fourteen percent of forklift accidents happen because they are improperly loaded. Make sure that you know the proper way to load a forklift. You also have to be careful that you don’t overload it, causing it to tip over.

Always drive responsibly.

Forklifts aren’t meant for horseplay. It is important that you are serious while you are operating your forklift to avoid accidents.

Not only could you hurt yourself, but you could also easily hurt someone else if you are not careful. Always keep a close eye on others around you so that you don’t run into them!

Don’t be afraid to use your horn to prevent forklift accidents.

You should always use your horn as you go through intersections, though it also helps if you have a blind spot. You may also want to use your horn to alert someone if they aren’t paying attention to you. Someone who is walking around could run right into you if his or her attention is elsewhere.

Use a spotter if necessary.

Visibility isn’t always easy with a forklift. Even if you are driving backward, you may need a spotter to help you through some tight spots and congested areas. Though you may not want a spotter, safety should be more important.

One of the best ways to avoid forklift accidents with a forklift is to complete the proper training. If you aren’t comfortable on a forklift, you shouldn’t be there!

You also need to check over your forklift before hopping on it. Make sure that it is working properly before you set out each morning. You should also drive responsibly and be careful when loading. Loading and horseplay are other common reasons why people have accidents. Don’t be afraid to use your horn or a spotter to make sure that you get from one place to another safely!

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