Looking for Air Compressors?

Air compressors are versatile tools with a wide variety of applications, and you can rent them for a fraction of the cost of buying new ones!

We recommend renting an air compressor to handle your temporary air compression needs. This includes instances when you have an additional project or the existing system must be shut down for maintenance or repairs. This way, you will not have to fall behind on your work schedule.

Fortunately, Vandalia rental has a wide choice of electric and gasoline compressors with different capabilities and other air tools for various applications. We have new tools ready for leasing to ensure that you run your projects without ever thinking about the air compressor’s breakdown. We work with models from Jenny, Bosch, Sullair, Kaeser, and Marco.

Why Rent Air Compressors from Us

Cost-Effective Compressed Air

You do not have to create a huge budget for new equipment for that short project. We can lend you our new air compressors at a fraction of the actual buying costs.  Our compressors are reliable and have capabilities that match your needs.  Let us know your requirements, and we will suggest a unit best suited for your application.

You Get Oil-free Air

Are you looking for compressed air for critical applications? We take all projects as critical applications and deliver equipment that delivers 100% oil-free air. Therefore, there is no risk that the air will contaminate the end product. We guarantee that all our air equipment is duly checked and certified before it leaves our premises for our customers.

Get Compressed Air on Demand

Sometimes you need more compressed air than your current equipment can supply. We can plug the seasonal deficit in compressed air to help you manage your projects for the period. Do not overwork your existing air compressor. Get an additional one affordably and do your work smoothly. Check our catalog for a suitable air compressor for your needs.

Get the Right Industrial Compressor for Your Need

If it is your first time renting an air compressor or you are unsure what you need for your next project, you may need to check the following areas. Our customer service team is always at hand to assist should you have problems picking the right equipment.

Power Source

We have air tools that run on gasoline and electricity. The choice of either depends on the location and practicability of using the source. If you are working outdoors or on far-off sites, you are better off with towable gasoline air compressors. However, if you need quiet compressors for indoor applications, our range of electric machines is best suited for the work.

CFR Requirements

The machine you pick should exceed the CFM requirements of the equipment you need to power. This is important so that you do not overwork the compressor or undersupply the compressed air for the application. We have equipment that exceeds 370 CFM with a maximum pressure of over 165 PSI. We can help you estimate the CFM requirements, depending on your needs.

Tank Capacity

If your application requires a continuous supply of compressed air, such as in the case with sandblasters, you would need to pick an air compressor with a large tank. This ensures optimal working of your tools and power efficiency. Contact us for different tank capacities for your projects.

You can Rent Other Air Tools Too!

We have other air tools that you can rent for your project. You can reach us to rent such tools as jackhammers, sandblasters, nailers, and impact wrenches, among others. There are great offers for renting various tools together.

Does your project require an air compressor or any other air tool? Get quality, new air compressors and other tools from Vandalia Rental. We have reliable tools that guarantee a smooth output on whatever task you put them to. Besides, we have reasonable rental terms and prices you can afford. Contact us today.