7 Ways Equipment Rental is Faster than Equipment Purchasing

Here at Vandalia Rental, we know that often the biggest question in your mind is not what equipment you need, but whether to buy or rent. Buying equipment has its pros, for sure. You gain any-time access and can use or modify the equipment however you want. That said, there are many situations where rented equipment is more cost-effective, convenient, or just plain more efficient than buying new (or used) equipment for yourself.

We’ve covered the when’s, why’s, and how’s of equipment rental. But let’s take a moment to talk about how equipment rental offers one key benefit– speed –in many different ways. When you need to start a job fast and wrap up without delay, here’s how equipment rental can help you speed up the process:

Skip the Extensive Research, Rent What Works

Choosing the right equipment for purchase is an important decision. You’ll want a multi-purpose model which has good performance reviews, and is modular with all the parts you need. Renting equipment for a single job, on the other hand, requires only that the equipment does the job and can be used by you. No need for extensive research on the perfect model for lifelong ownership. Instead, you can trust the helpful recommendations from your rental team member.

We will happily point you in the right direction and help you pick your temporary equipment without spending hours comparing mileage to torque power. We’ll hook you up with what works and gets the job done. You can spend time choosing equipment to buy when you have time to spare.

No Need to Wait for Delivery

Often, custom tools you need for a job and the perfect chosen model need to be ordered. Whether you order to your door or to the local hardware store, that delay exists; putting off the beginning of your project. With equipment rental, you can walk in and often, what you need will be available same-day. We prefer that you book your rentals ahead of time, so we can make sure the equipment is available and serviced for you, but there’s also no requirement to wait. If you need to get started today, and we have the equipment you need, you can get started without delay.

Rented Equipment is Already Assembled & Ready

One of the biggest setbacks in custom jobs is equipment assembly. From boxed to work-ready, there might be a day or more of assembly, setup, and first-use maintenance before you can get started. You never have to deal with this hassle from rented equipment. The greatest advantage of rented equipment, in fact, is that you get to use it already maintained by pros and setup for your purposes. No assembly required.

Rented Equipment Performance & Safety are Guaranteed

New equipment can be finicky. While it may have a warranty, that doesn’t mean it’s guaranteed to be safe and performance-ready when you first set it up. Rented equipment is always safe and performance-ready because we keep it that way. We know it’s safe because the equipment is tested over and over again by renting customers. We know it performs well because if it didn’t, we’d hear about it! So you can trust that rented equipment is always well-maintained, safe, and performance-proven when it arrives.

No Extensive Warranty Information to Read

When you buy equipment, another important task is to read through the warranty. Know what is and is not proper use, know how much the warranty covers and how long it lasts. You might be the kind of person who reads up on a warranty and other paperwork before buying the tool at all. It’s a responsible thing to do, but it’s also tedious. With equipment rental, you don’t have to worry about the warranty because you don’t have to worry about the equipment in the long-term. The only insurance you need is through the rental service, and we’ll walk you through it without all the chewy reading.

Rented Equipment Delivered Directly to Your Worksite

When the equipment is your own, you are responsible for transporting and storing it. When equipment is rented, we’re in charge of storage, and we can bring equipment right out to the job site. Don’t have a truck big enough for the large equipment you need? Don’t have time to swing by and pick your equipment up on the first worksite day? No problem. We’ve got you covered. The equipment will come to you.

Less Cleanup and Teardown

Finally, rental equipment requires less tear-down time. Not only can you get started faster with pre-maintained rental equipment, but you can also finish faster as well. With rental equipment, you don’t have to take everything apart, clean it for long-term storage, and put it away. Instead, all we need is all the pieces returned in a tidy fashion. We’ll worry about whether equipment needs to be quickly cleaned and re-rented, or if it needs to be taken apart for long-term storage. Our mechanics will take that large equipment and get it back into pre-job condition. We also check tire pressure and oil levels and make sure all the joints are locked up at the end of the night so you don’t have to.

When you need a job done fast, often equipment rental is the more expedient choice. Contact us today to learn more about how equipment rental can speed up your project and consult on the equipment you need.