Renting a Trailer

What is the Trailer’s Purpose?

Many types of trailers exist, designed to perform varying tasks. Before renting equipment and hauling it to the job site, you’ll first want to consider how you plan to use the trailer. Trailers can be used for storage, hauling, dumping, or customized for any combination. Renting a trailer based on the purpose needed at the time allows you to ensure that you are not overpaying and that the trailer can efficiently deliver the equipment for you.

Is Accompanying Equipment Necessary?

By definition, a trailer requires something to pull it. When renting a trailer, keep in mind the vehicle you will be using to pull the trailer. You’ll want to prevent having a trailer without the ability to properly pull it.

  • Hitch compatibility – Can the pulling vehicle properly connect to the trailer?
  • Load weight – An empty trailer weighs a lot less than a full one. Make sure to consider the load weight at the trailer’s maximum weight capacity.
  • Power – Your vehicle needs the power and pulling capacity to handle the load and the resulting wear and tear on your vehicle.

When renting equipment that requires a trailer (and something to pull it), you can always opt-in for equipment rental and delivery/pick-up services. This maximizes the use of your fleet, without putting undue stress on it.

What Are the Associated Costs with Renting a Trailer?

The cost of renting goes far beyond rental fees and purchase prices.

  • Storage – While a rented trailer may be used and returned, preventing long-term storage,  a purchased trailer will need a place to keep it secure and protected from the elements to extend its lifespan.
  • Insurance – Both rented and purchased trailers have the associated costs of insurance. Insurance costs are prorated for a rented trailer. The insurance for a purchased trailer is an annual expense, whether in use or not.
  • Depreciation – Rented trailers prevent the depreciation costs associated with ownership and the costs of replacing outdated or worn-out trailers.

Rent or Buy?

When renting is the best choice for your business, Vandalia Rental is here for you with quality trailers for your business needs. In addition to superior equipment quality and service, we practice an honest, upfront sales approach. Contact us to experience the equipment rental business – the way it should be.