5 Tips for Safe DIY Home Improvement in the Coronavirus Era

Right now, the stay-at-home order for the novel coronavirus COVID-19 is still in full effect. Everyone is doing their part in containing the virus by avoiding contact with others and generally staying within their household property. It has, naturally, been necessary to cancel social plans and large gatherings. But what about plans for on-property work like home improvements?

Whether you’ve been planning a DIY improvement for months or have found yourself with the perfect opportunity for a few projects, one question lingers. Is it safe to get the supplies and even help you need to do the work on your own property? Surprisingly, the answer is often “Yes”.

Just as it’s safe for your children to play in the yard, it’s also safe for you to do DIY home improvement projects while you’re home with nowhere else to go. So let’s talk about the safe practices you’ll need to DIY this project in the coronavirus era.

1) Should You Postpone?

The first thing to ask yourself is whether you can do the job safely in a no-contact fashion.

  • Is it mostly work you can do solo, or could do solo with the right tools?
  • Is it something you need to work shoulder-to-shoulder with others, or could you always maintain 6-feet distance from friends or hired builders?
  • Could you do it with the help of your family?

If this is something you can do alone, just with your household family’s help, or with a safe distance from help, go ahead and make your plans. Only proximity or the need for a team should preclude your project.

2) Project Supplies: Safe Deliveries and Pick-Ups

Most home improvement projects involve a few supplies or equipment brought in from outside. You may need to bring in building materials or machinery, just be sure to do so safely. Ordering supplies for online delivery is the simplest solution, and simply never make direct contact with the delivery driver. But deliveries can be expensive for building materials.

You can also arrange for a safe pick-up solution. Many stores now have pre-ordering options that allow you to pick up your supplies curbside without contact with the store employees. They will either leave out your palette or load up the back of your truck while maintaining a safe distance.

3) Working with Family is Coronavirus-Safe

While you can’t call over your buddies to help with the project, your family can help. Those you share a household with already share immunities and illnesses as a unit, so in terms of virology, they are safe to work closely with. Commandeer your family into the project and get them wielding paintbrushes or drilling pilot-holes to bring your project together. You might find that some relatives are surprisingly handy and/or ready to learn the trade.

4) Make Plans and Handle Logistics Online

If you need to make plans with a service for your supplies, equipment rental, or even technician work; do all the preliminary logistics online. Handle communication through email or phone. Use the online resources, forms, and live-chat connection offered by the services you’re working with. Everyone is adapting to going digital right now, businesses and consumers alike so you’re among friends if you’re new to the cloud-tech way of doing business.

5) Ask About No-Contact Services

What’s really amazing about the trades right now is how many businesses are bouncing back. Virology guides new practices that make safe service possible. A combination of masks, distancing, and no-contact timing make it possible for you to get almost every type of home improvement service during the coronavirus conditions.

If there isn’t a banner on the homepage, simply ask any service you’d like to work with whether they have no-contact methods in place. No-contact consultations, deliveries and pickups, and even construction work can be done with careful scheduling and conditions to keep everyone involved safe from infection.

Schedule Safe Equipment Rental with Vandalia

If you need to rent equipment for your DIY home improvements during  coronavirus conditions, we’re here to help. Equipment rental is an industry that adapts easily to safe-distancing, protective gear, and clever scheduling to make things work. The further ahead you schedule your equipment rental, the more precisely we can plan your logistics. Contact us today for safe equipment rental for your DIY home improvement projects.