When to Rent a Single Drum Roller Vs. Double Drum Roller?

Drum rollers are essential to creating smooth and reliable surfaces through compaction. Most construction and contractor companies consider drum rollers to be specialty equipment. Purchasing a drum roller can be a significant investment for a construction company with a lengthy return on investment. Renting a drum roller is often the best option, but what type is ideal for your construction project?

Drum rollers are primarily categorized as single or double drum rollers. When choosing the drum roller type for your project, considering your project requirements will help determine the ideal compaction equipment. We will guide you through renting a drum roller for your construction project throughout the Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana areas.

Considerations When Choosing a Drum Roller

The first consideration when finding the ideal piece of compaction equipment to rent is the type of project. For roadwork like highway construction, double drum rollers provide more thorough, quick compaction compared to single drum rollers. Single drum rollers are more mobile and provide adequate traction to navigate hills and turns. They are ideal for compacting hard-to-maneuver driveways, building foundations, and paved paths.

The second consideration when choosing a piece of compaction equipment to rent is the type of surface requiring compaction. Single and double drum rollers work very well with asphalt and soil with a more granular texture. They are often not suitable for loam or clay soil. Choosing between double and single drums also often comes down to the size of the surface. A double drum roller is often more efficient for compacting large surfaces like highways. A single drum roller is more suited for smaller surfaces where maneuverability is favored over efficiency.

Single Drum Rollers

These drum rollers feature a large drum roller followed by two pneumatic tires. The front portion of the vehicle where the drum is located is significantly heavier than the rear and incorporates vibration to compact and impact the surface as it moves across. The single roller design provides a higher vantage point for the driver and more traction via rear pneumatic tires.

Single drum rollers may rely on a smooth drum design for compacting asphalt and granular soil, or a padded drum for loam or clay soil. Single drum rollers come in various roller diameters and enclosed cab options for improved operator comfort.

Double Drum Rollers

Double drum rollers have vibrating drums in the front and back of the roller to deliver high compaction efficiency. They do not have pneumatic tires, so they lack the traction of single drum rollers. They are ideal for long surfaces that do not require high mobility. The dual drum roller operator’s seat is lower to the ground, granting less visibility than single drum rollers. Dual drum rollers can weigh several tons; they come in smooth designs for compacting asphalt and granular soil, and padded trench designs for loamy soils.

Why Rent Your Compaction Equipment From Vandalia Rental?

Vandalia Rental carries an extensive selection of professional-grade equipment for your construction projects. We are a family-owned business with more than 60 years of experience in the industry with service operations in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana.

Renting specialized equipment significantly lowers equipment costs and increases the speed of return on investment. Renting also reduces spending time and money to store and maintain the equipment to keep it operational.

Vandalia Rental carries several dual drum and single drum vibratory rollers with smooth or padded drums and enclosed cab options for single drum rollers. We maintain our rental equipment and rely on established brands like BOMAG and DYNAPAC to ensure our clients get a correspondingly reliable and high-performance experience.

Drum Rollers From Vandalia Rental

Drum rollers are vital to getting your asphalt roads or sidewalks and building foundations smooth and compacted. Determining the ideal drum roller for your project requires considering the project type, size, and surface. The single and double drum roller are excellent choices, with various benefits for every project. Reach out to us if you are looking to rent a drum roller in the Ohio, Kentucky, or Indiana area. The experts at Vandalia Rental can help you determine the ideal compaction equipment for your project. View our catalog of compaction equipment, and contact us today to learn more.