7 Things You Need for Your Spring Landscaping Projects

The old man winter is gone, and spring is here to welcome the long-awaited warm temperatures. You have to carry out landscaping projects to clear up your yard, lawn, and garden in preparation for the warm weather ideal for outdoor activities.  Spring landscaping projects may be daunting and overwhelming, but with adequate preparation and the right equipment, they get easier and even fun. Roll up your sleeves and get moving with these seven things.

1. Personal Protective Equipment

Safety first may feel like a cliché, but it is not in landscaping projects. Ensure you have the necessary safety equipment for your landscaping projects. You need hearing protectors, safety glasses, and gloves. Lawn equipment, for example, can cause hearing problems because it operates at 95 decibels. Therefore, you require hearing protectors to shield your precious ears from the noisy machine. Importantly, handle all equipment with caution to avoid injuries.

2. Stump Cutter

When landscaping this spring, stump removal does not have to be backbreaking and time-consuming. Use a stump cutter to grind a stump left after cutting a tree. Stump cutters come in different sizes to remove stumps of distinct sizes and densities.

3. Lawn Mowers

The most basic tool for all landscaping projects; you need a lawn mower to cut your lawn’s grass to an even height and hence improve its aesthetics. There are different types of lawn mowers in the market to meet the needs of different consumers. Some are self-propelled, others are riding mowers and others are walk behind-models. The type of lawn mower you settle for depends on the size and topography of the area you are mowing. For example, a walk-behind mower is ideal for mowing small lawns.

4. Leaf Blower

Imagine cleaning up a large lawn of fallen leaves using a rake. It is both tiring and time-consuming. A leaf blower does a better job in such a situation and saves you countless hours and effort. It helps you get rid of grass and leaves in the sidewalk, patio, deck, and driveway much easier and quicker. You can also use the leaf blower to gather the leaves in a central place for easy collection.

5. Trimmer

A grass trimmer will make your work easier in an area with overgrown weed or grass. It will give you beautiful and even cut on the grass and leave your lawn looking stunning. A proper trim can transform your landscaping projects into masterpieces.

6. Chainsaw

If you have a pine tree in your yard that you no longer need, you can use a chainsaw to cut it down. Chainsaws can be used for limbing, bucking, and felling. Limbing means cutting the branches of a downed tree, while bucking refers to cutting the trunk of a fallen tree. Felling refers to cutting an upright tree controllable. However, you should exercise caution when using a chainsaw because it can cut flesh the same way it cuts wood.

7. Post hole digger

Use a post hole digger during your spring landscaping to dig holes for fencing poles, tree planting, and electric poles. Whether you want to build a pet house or erect a post, a pole hole digger can help you make narrow holes effortlessly.

Spring is a great time to undertake landscaping projects at your home or office. With adequate preparation and the required equipment, landscaping becomes easy. Unfortunately, you may not have all the equipment needed for your landscaping projects. Buying such equipment may be costly, or you may not have enough space to store them in your home. Vandalia Rental got you covered, and you can rent the equipment you need for both short-term and long-term engagements. From leaf blowers to weed mowers, stump cutters, and post hole diggers, they have all equipment from leading manufacturers to meet your needs.