The Benefits of Drywall Equipment Rental

Let’s look at typical drywall challenges and the drywall equipment rental you’ll want for solving each of these common problems

Drywall is one of those things when it comes to builders and contractors that you either love or you hate.  It has plenty of benefits, from being a relatively lightweight building material that can be shaped, sized, and cut to just about any specifications.  Drywall is cost-effective, especially with the rising costs of lumber and plywood.  It helps insulate a room for sound as well as heat loss. And goes up quickly and seamlessly with the right team.  But having the right team is one of the biggest drawbacks to drywall installation.

Installation can be a big pain, especially if you are short-staffed.  Each panel of drywall can be heavy and awkward to handle.  Dropping drywall can ruin an entire piece. Trying to get the job done without enough hands on the job can be a nightmare.  After hanging, taping, and prepping drywall before painting, all that dust can be a real mess too.

Tools of the trade

Plenty of expenses on damaged drywall and on the job injuries can be blamed on not having enough help when it comes to installing drywall.  Rather than just using the strong arm approach to installing drywall, there area tools out there to help you get the job done without a lot of hassle and without having to hire an entire team of workers just to hold up a piece of drywall until you can tack it up. Working smarter and not harder is a key component to hanging drywall.  Walls and especially ceilings are tricky, even with a crew of guys helping out.   It’s a good thing we’ve got you covered with several drywall equipment rental options.

Drywall panel lifts

Excellent for precision control in lifting various sized panels and making sure the edges are exactly where you need them, drywall lifts make it look easy.  You aren’t going to get that kind of performance out of a crew of guys trying to hold up a panel as you fasten it to the ceiling.  This method is safer, more accurate, and you can take your time between panels. Even breaking for lunch or leaving it up for a few days.

We carry drywall panel lifts in 11′ and 15′ sizes.  Each has a capacity of 150 pounds. You can carry a stack of drywall panels all day, for a quick, easy job without risk of damaging panels.  So save yourself and your team from the strain with a drywall panel lift.

Drywall Sander

When it comes to finishing drywall and getting rid of all of those seams, we have the drywall sander with vacuum you won’t ever want to work without again.  The powered head provides even coverage and consistent pressure across the surface.  The vacuum removes the dust as you go, so you’ll be able to see what you are doing. You’ll also be controlling the dust and debris in the air.  It makes for a better job and a safer job by removing particulates that get everywhere.  A drywall sander is a key component in an inspection ready professional drywall job.

Drywall cart

Drywall is heavy and awkward! Depending on how much you expect to lose carrying it through a worksite, it can be very expensive too.  A drywall cart helps you protect your assets by limiting the potential damage done to drywall through transporting it throughout your worksite.  Every time drywall is lifted and carried, the motion causes damage to the structure of each panel.  A drywall cart allows fewer workers to safely and efficiently handle drywall on a work site. This frees your crew up to do other things that aren’t just carrying drywall all day long.

Benefits of drywall equipment rental

The tools you need to do the job with fewer people on your crew can be expensive. If your crew doesn’t do a lot of drywall, it’s hard to justify the expense of keeping that kind of equipment around and hardly ever using it. Especially considering the cost of replacing it when it wears out.  Drywall equipment rental frees up your shop and truck space from job to job. Plus, it greatly limits the cost of overhead on your tool budget.  Not every job will be a drywall job. Renting allows you to use your resources for what you do more often. Renting also means that the tools you rent will always be updated and in good working order.

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Vandalia Rental works with contractors to make sure they have the right tools for the job.  From climate control and remediation to excavation equipment, materials handling, plumbing and lighting to transportation and drywall equipment rental, we are like the toolbox for heavy and specialty equipment you’ve always wanted.  Contractors could probably never afford to own every tool or piece of equipment they need to do every job; much less keep up with updates and maintenance of each one.  This is why renting may even be better than owning! Contact us today to see how we can help with your next job.