The 4 Things You Need to Rent Equipment from Vandalia Rental

Renting equipment is an essential part of doing business. There are all sorts of reasons to rent the equipment your business needs; often you won’t need it for very long, or the equipment is very large and hard to maintain. Whether you’re working on a one-time project, building something, or starting up a new business, Vandalia Rental is proud to be of service.

We love to help businesses, which is why we’ve made our rental process quick and easy. Booking can be done online, over the phone, or in person. Both booking and cancellations are cost-free and we’re happy to help you plan the logistics of equipment delivery. On the day you arrive to sign the rental contract and receive your equipment, you will need only three or four things with you to complete the transaction:

You Need Two Forms of ID

Equipment fraud doesn’t happen often, but as with most rental arrangements, Vandalia Rental is dedicated to ensuring security both for the customers and the equipment. This is why we ask to see 2 forms of Photo ID for  customers who come in to rent equipment. This ensures that the customer who made the rental booking is the same person who picks up the equipment. That way no one takes someone else’s reserved equipment.

It also ensures we know exactly who to call should anything go wrong with the rental, if rentals are overdue.

Valid Driver’s License

Your driver’s license will always be considered your primary form of ID at Vandalia so have it ready to show us when you arrive to finalize your rental. This pairs firmly with our policy that only customers ages 16 and up can rent equipment. As a government-issued photo ID, your driver’s license is the most trustworthy form of ID you have.

Secondary Photo ID

Your second form of ID doesn’t have to be anything in particular. A passport, a work ID, a photo-ID payment card. Whatever second card you have that has your name and photo matching the name and photo on your driver’s license. The second form of ID is intended to prevent fraud using fake driver’s licenses, a rare concern with equipment rentals but one that does exist.

Payment Card for Initial Deposit

Next, you will need a debit or credit card to cover the deposit on your equipment rental amount. The amount for the deposit depends on the equipment you’re renting and how long you will need it. In most cases, rental costs are paid up front before equipment leaves for the time and services you’ll need them. Once you have signed the papers and paid the deposit, your rental period starts once you have officially received the equipment. This way, you get the most possible time with your equipment, no time lost before you can put the equipment to use.

Certificate of Insurance ($50K +)

Finally, there’s a Certificate of Insurance. Insurance is only required if the equipment you are renting exceeds $50,000 in value. The insurance is there to protect both you and the equipment in the event of accidental damage during your project.

Fortunately, getting a certificate of insurance is not difficult. Any insurance agent will be ready and willing to issue you a certificate of insurance whenever one is needed for rental. This is something all insurance agents can do, so ask your usual homeowner’s insurance or business insurance agent and they can provide the certificate to you before you come in to claim your rentals.

Renting equipment from Vandalia Rentals is a quick and easy process. Book through the channel you prefer most at no cost. Then, all you need to bring are 2 forms of ID, a payment card, and possibly a certificate of insurance to begin your rental period. For more information on how to rent equipment, or to consult on the equipment you need, contact us today! Vandalia rental is always ready to help a new or returning customer.