The Different Jobs That Will Require You to Rent a Walk-Behind Trencher

It may be a once in a while scenario or a significant part of the type of services you provide; sooner or later you will need to rent a walk-behind trencher to complete a project. These amazing machines serve a single purpose; they dig a trench that would otherwise require you and your team to break out an arsenal of shovels for an afternoon of back-breaking physical labor.

From that standpoint alone, the rental fee of a walk-behind trencher is rather attractive; especially when considering the alternative choices for trench digging!

In this post, let’s look at some jobs that by renting a walk-behind trencher you might be able to bring in on time and under budget, creating a win-win for you and your team!

Before You Dig a Trench, Do This!

If you know the job you are on will require the rental of a walk-behind trencher, do yourself a favor and call 811 to get the local underground utilities marked on your job site. It just makes good business sense to do this before your trench digging job turns into a chaotic scramble. You don’t want to have to get a broken water/sewer line repaired. That’s not part of the job you’re doing!

Once you’re aware of what’s already in place underneath you, you can begin to get a better idea of just how much trenching will need to be done on your job.

Jobs That Will Require a Walk-Behind Trencher

Here’s a good rule of thumb to follow. If your project requires more than 15 feet of trench digging, you need to rent a walk-behind trencher. If your job is 15ft or fewer and the soil you’re digging in is very compact and rocky? You might want to go ahead and reserve your trencher a few days in advance.

Reserving your trencher is always a good idea. Let your rental agency know about it as soon as you can. This will ensure your trencher will be available the day you dig.

So, which type of jobs make renting a trencher the ideal way of getting things done? Let’s look at a few.

  • Electric/Underground Utilities

    By far the most common job for renting a walk-behind trencher is bringing underground utilities to the site. Be sure to follow the local codes for underground utilities; you will probably need to dig more than one trench.

  • Cable TV/Cable Internet

    There are still many locations around the nation where satellite TV/Internet are just not quite the ideal choice. That leaves the traditional cable for TV and internet. You need to get with the local cable service provider for information on cable depth.

  • Gas Line Installation

    Unless you are a licensed gas pipe installer, the only part you will need to do is the trench digging for the gas pipe installers!

  • Underground Sprinkler System

    Another very popular choice for new residential developments includes offering underground sprinkler systems for irrigating those beautiful new lawns!

These are the most common uses for a trench digging machine. Now, the only thing you’ll need is an equipment rental company to rent your trencher from!

Where Can I Rent a Walk-Behind Trencher?

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