5 Customer Assurances Concerning Rented Water Remediation Equipment

Rent water remediation equipment to rescue your customers – avoid piling disaster on disaster

Water damage remediation is a service many brands offer as part of their whole-home services. Cleaning teams, home renovators, plumbers, and HVAC teams have all delved into water remediation and mold treatments. This is partly because water damage is so common and so potentially harmful to a family. A single flood or broken pipe can break down home materials and inspire large, health-endangering mold growths.

When you’re rescuing a family from water damage, you need their trust and cooperation to do your best work. One of the challenges can be talking about rented water remediation equipment. Today’s homeowners are careful and often ask questions about each item on the quote. It is common for clients to worry that rented equipment is old or worn-out or unable to filter properly. They simply don’t understand that a rental agency’s reputation is based on their equipment’s high quality maintenance and performance.

Here’s how you can easily explain the high quality you assure them by renting water remediation equipment for their home rescue.

1. We Expertly Clean Rented Equipment Between Uses

A rental company takes pride in the cleanliness and maintenance of their equipment. When customers bring equipment back, we closely inspect, clean, maintain, and store it for the next rental. Even back-to-back rentals include a meticulous maintenance session in between to ensure each piece of equipment is performing at its top capacity.

This also means that rented equipment is expertly cleaned between every use. From the air filters to the extension cables, rented equipment wasn’t just pulled out of an old garage. It is always clean and safe for the next use.

2. Benefit from Access to the Latest Models

With rented equipment, you can rent the latest model for every single water damage remediation project. Every client gets the benefit of the latest air filters, blowers, air testers, etc.  When it comes to home rescues, your priority is quality of service. Instead of waiting the several-year cycle to buy in-house water remediation equipment, you can better help clients by renting the latest equipment each time your service is needed.

3. The Sizes and Variety Needed are Always Available

Each home water remediation project is unique. The size, space, and severity of the water damage may need different sizes of equipment. You may have a very low crawlspace to dry out or a large basement instead. You may need a combination of lights, filters, and blowers based on airflow through the space. With rented equipment, you can always get the right mix of sizes and models for the project. Clients, again, get the better service from rental flexibility.

4. Regular Use and Professional Maintenance

Each piece of equipment also performs better with regular and attentive maintenance. Professional equipment mechanics and technicians take attentive care of each piece of water remediation equipment, inspecting it when it arrives and providing maintenance between services.

Consider the difference between a car that sits in the driveway for months vs one which undergoes cleaning, re-filtering, and tuneups regularly. One car shakes to life for a journey, the other hums into action. A rental company ensures their equipment performs well before releasing it for service. This ensures no surprises when you go to turn on a vital model that has sat too long unattended.

5. Quick Replacement if a Unit Fails

Finally, if one of your air filters or blowers does stop working mid-water remediation, your rental company has your back. If a blower stops working, they’ll have another blower on-site within the day, so your client’s service hardly sees interruption. If you need a fresh air filter, it can be replaced to keep your remediation plans on track. Clients benefit from the prompt backup equipment in an emergency, and you can provide more reliable service as a result.

Water remediation is a vital local service, rescuing homes and families from the ill effects of disintegrating walls and mold colonies. For the water remediation equipment you need to best serve your local clients, contact us today!