Renting a Winter Emergency Generator for Residential Clients

Here are some things to keep in mind about renting an emergency generator for residential clients this winter

Winter is the one time of year when residential clients cannot go without power. Electricity running through a home is essential to keep heat running for the resident family and stave off winter chill. Of course, winter storms often have other ideas. When snow, heavy winds, or a fallen tree branch takes out nearby power lines, many homes may find themselves without power during a critical drop in temperature.

When the power goes out in the winter, your residential clients may call you in a panic. They might be able to bundle up or light a fire to keep warm for a while during repairs. Many families have to make alternate plans and stay somewhere warmer until the power comes back on. However, if the lines are down, and you expect days of waiting without a furnace, the best option is frequently to set up a rental of an emergency generator for residential clients.

Whether you are a furnace repair service, local electricians, or property managers, having a good source of emergency generators for residential clients can be essential for their health and safety. Especially in the wintertime.

You Can Power Any Home with an Emergency Generator

Many service providers and homeowners don’t realize how fast and easy it is to install a temporary generator. All you need is the right outdoor space and a line to the power main breaker box. All homes are designed to run from power lines or a generator source for exactly this type of emergency.

If a home’s power is no longer coming from local power lines, installing a generator involves plugging a correctly sized generator into a transfer switch and switching those breakers from “Line” to “Generator”. With a professional team, you know for certain that the job is done safely and correctly.

Renting an Emergency Generator for Residential Clients is Fast and Easy

It’s also easier to acquire an emergency generator for residential use than you might think. You don’t need to call a special generator supply source. Your local equipment rental location will have plenty of generators ready to supply you with life-giving electricity and heat. At Vandalia Rental, we have a large selection of generators used throughout the year for construction, renovation, and emergency power.

To rent an emergency generator for residential clients (and have it professionally installed in their home) simply call or visit to let us know when and where the generator is needed. We’ll help you find the right generator for each client’s needs and make sure of installation within the day.

How Big a Generator Do You Need in a Power-Outage Emergency?

The average residential home needs between 10 kW (10,000 Watts) and 20kW of power generation per day. Running all the appliances at once can reach up to 40kW.  We always recommend getting a slightly larger generator than expected to ensure safe coverage for your clients’ power needs.

While running a residential emergency generator, advise your clients to reduce and selectively use their larger appliances. Calculate for enough power to run a refrigerator, stove, water heater, and HVAC at the same time; but if they need things like laundry, only run one additional large appliance at a time. Advise your clients to put off uses like microwaving and vacuuming until they’re back on city-line power.

Help, The Power is Out… and My Clients are Cold!

If your residential clients’ power goes out this winter, we fully understand the urgency of your need to secure emergency power. Vandalia Rental is here to help you get the emergency generator you require as quickly as possible. Contact us today for an emergency generator installation or to plan ahead and learn more about emergency generators for the next winter storm that may knock out your clients’ power when they need it most.

Providing a great service for your clients starts with consideration for their safety. Vandalia Rentals would be proud to be your partner in securing the warmth and wellness of your clients when their winter power goes out.