Commercial Emergency Generator Rental for Business Continuity

A commercial emergency generator can make sure your business doesn’t face any loss of continuity from power failures

For most companies, business continuity is a top priority. The losses from closing your doors unexpectedly can range from thousands to millions of dollars; this of course depends on the size and type of business you run, as well as how long you’re having downtime. Your business continuity can be interrupted in a number of ways, from cybersecurity hacks to acts of God. For most local businesses here in Ohio, the biggest threat to keeping your doors open daily is power outages. This can be due to a local maintenance delay or the result of bad weather.

Power outages can have a huge impact on businesses, which are often where people go when area power goes out. Whether you run a hardware store or manage an office, a power outage suddenly puts the brakes on everything. Workstations go down, equipment can’t be used, and customer calls go unanswered because the phones don’t ring. If you manage data locally, your email servers and website might even be down.

If repairs are delayed and the power isn’t back soon, your best answer is an emergency generator. This gets the lights back on and your team back in business. Not sure where to get an emergency generator for your business or how big a generator your business may need? Vandalia Rentals can help.

How Quickly Can You Have a Commercial Emergency Generator Installed in My Business?

Any local generator supplier can have your emergency generator delivered and hooked up within a few hours of your call.  Depending on distance, availability, and your building’s access, we could have your lights back on in less than two hours of an emergency call for delivery and connection.

How Big an Emergency Generator Do I Need for Business Continuity?

The amount of power a business needs varies wildly on the size and equipment-use of that business. A small office building may be fine with a 20kW generator; larger buildings and equipment can multiply your need for wattage.

Find out how much power your business needs by checking your past power bills. This will give you a detailed summary of the wattage you consume, which will indicate the size and type of emergency generator you will need to keep the doors open.

What Type of Fuel Do I Need for a Commercial Emergency Generator?

Generators run on a variety of fuel types. The most convenient are natural gas generators that can connect directly to your building’s gas lines. If you don’t have a gas line, you can also invest in propane or gasoline fuel, carried in tanks. We can help you determine the type of fuel and how much you will need for each day of business continuity while your power lines are down.

Can I Book My Generator Rental for the Next Power Outage?

Pre-booking a commercial emergency generator depends on the service. Some generator-specific services deliver reserved generators to businesses every time the power goes down. Renting your generator through Vandalia equipment rental policies, you can book your generator for any predetermined period of time; like when a large storm is brewing, and you want to be prepared.

If your business needs a commercial emergency generator during bad weather, winter storms, or local power outages, Vandalia Rental is here to provide your power needs. Let us help you secure your business continuity no matter what interrupts local power lines with expert generator rental and installation services.