8 Home Landscaping Projects You Can DIY with Rented Equipment

Right now, the nation and people all over the world are spending more time at home. While this has posed some challenges, it’s also inspired a new wave of home improvement projects. After all, if your home is your castle (slash virus-proof fortress) then you might as well make it excellent. All those little improvements you never had time for – now you do. One of the things many of us are taking notice of is the backyard. Most yards have all sorts of untapped landscaping potential that a little rearranged dirt and a few little fences could bring into reality.

The best part? You don’t need to hire a team or buy equipment to tackle most home landscaping projects. With rented equipment, anything DIY-possible is within your grasp for redesigning the backyard. Here are ten great backyard landscaping projects you can do with rented equipment:

1. Redesign the Flower Beds

Whether your yard has a few plain flowerbeds or none, now’s your chance to define them to your preferences. To create a flowerbed, you’ll need to dig up the soil, lay a weed liner, refill with prepared soil, and then define your lines with small fences or stones. Anyone can rebuild their flowerbeds if you know where you want to draw those lines.

2. Add a Vegetable or Herb Garden

Herb gardens and vegetable gardens make wonderful family projects and a great use of your yard. You can designate a plot of land and turn the soil one or two feet down to make room for your new garden plantings. Be sure to choose fruits, vegetables, and herbs that grow naturally in your region; that way they thrive with the amount of sunlight and rain which comes naturally to your yard.

3. Clear Space for a Deck Foundation

If you’ve been thinking about installing a deck or patio, now’s a good time to get your prep work done. You’ll need even ground and may want to pour a concrete foundation as you lay starting beams for the deck. The equipment necessary to begin a deck can be easily rented for the few days you’ll need to level and prepare the ground and sink your supporting beams.

4. Dig Posts for Playground Equipment

A home with children can be improved with playground equipment. A swing set, a jungle gym, or a play castle can make a great addition to your yard. However, it takes some serious work to properly sink the supports. Playground equipment needs to be sturdy enough for adults (you know a few will play when no one else is looking) and requires a little landscaping to establish properly.

5. Plant New Trees and Bushes

For those with a green thumb or if you just want a backyard leafy canopy, new plantings require landscaping as well. To plant new trees, you’ll need to dig down deep enough to bury the young roots, and the same goes for bushes as well. Adding one new tree or making an arboreal paradise of your backyard will take some digging.

6. Improve Drainage and Irrigation

Some yards are better designed for drainage than others. If the annual rain tends to flood your yard or flow inconveniently through it, or if you’d like to irrigate your yard more efficiently, landscaping tools can help. With the right design, you can use natural channels and the sloping grade of your yard to direct water-flow in a way that works better for you.

7. Create a Multi-Level Yard Design

Or you can rearrange dirt for another purpose. Creating little hills and valleys can make a yard seem more exciting, wild, and natural than a simple flat terrain. Earth moving equipment can help you completely rearrange your backyard into a green escape with higher and lower levels. You might even combine a few ideas and make yourself a little running creek with a bridge over the top.

8. Build a Dog-Run and Kennel

If your family has an energetic dog (or more than one) a dog run is another great addition to your yard. A dog run is a fenced area where your dog can safely play. They are often a perimeter so dogs can interact with people in the yard without jumping up, and many dog runs are connected to a cozy kennel/dog house for a truly comfortable indoor-outdoor dog design.

There are many things you can do to improve your backyard with landscaping, and you don’t have to own the tools to make it happen. Here at Vandalia Rental, we’ll help you find the earth-moving and construction tools you need to rent to completely transform your backyard without investing in one-time equipment. Contact us today to find out more!